Monday, September 28, 2009

Grand Duke hikes Wolfsschlucht in "Little Switzerland"

Wort mentioned on Saturday that The Grand Duke went on a hike in the Wolfsschlucht (Wolfs Ravine) area of the Little Switzerland region of The Grand Duchy. He did this on the invitation of Minisers Claude Wiseler and Marco Shank (ministers of development and infrastructures respectively). The purpose of the hike was to honor the 20th anniversary of the creation for Commission to protection the Little Switzerland area.  The area is beautiful and is home to many species of native plants and animals in addition to archaeological sites. 

Henri looked as fit, healthy and young as ever. It was also nice to see his trusty Aide-de-Camp out of his usual uniform and in everyday clothes. They arrived in the #3 Audi A8 (it's license plate is simply a 3) which normally transports Guillaume to his events. I always wonder if that's because Guillaume is number 3 in The Grand Duchy or if it's just the 3rd vehicle in the particular Grand Ducal/diplomatic fleet. I do know there is a very posh Jaguar that carries the license plate as 1 with a crown which I have only saw transport Henri, Maria Teresa and Grand Duke Jean. Maybe I should blog about all the royal cars? I do have some other infos on other cars.

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