Monday, September 28, 2009

Grand Duke and Hereditary Grand Duke at Court of Justice

Guillaume took part in work shops covering "Access to Justice" and "Quality of Justice" at the Court of Justice of the European Communities (CJCE).

According to the actual press release from the CJCE The Grand Duke was also present with Guillaume at the close of the events which were to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Court of First Instance of the European Communities.

From my understanding of the press release the work shops and the presence of The Grand Duke and Guillaume at the 20th anniversary celebrations were on the same day. However, you will notice that Guillaume is sporting not only a different tie but a totally different suit at each of the events.

I really hope some other pictures of this event surface later today or later in the week. Guillaume looked great!

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  1. I agree and I've no idea why he's been (supposedly) single for a few years now. Any time he wants a special lady I'm right here waiting ;)