Monday, September 7, 2009

Skipping right along...."major" announcement?

I'm jumping from January to March because I get bored easily...and I'm staring this blog in September just back tracking a little....

It has been reported on several royal message boards and blogs that a "major" announcement is supposed to be coming from the Grand Ducal Palace in the beginning of April. It is September 7, 2009 as I write this and nothing "major" has been announced.

It was assumed all around that the forthcoming announcement was the engagement of The Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume. I know that we have all heard rumors of Gui dating the Italian women named Michaela Forcini. Some of us also heard rumblings of a "super secret" girlfriend of aristocratic birth with whom he wanted to announce his engagement to but she wanted to wait because she still has a year of university left. I don't deem the "super secret" girlfriend rumors to have much truth to them, because the info that I heard sounded so much like the story of a deluded high school girl who thinks she's more special than The thinks not! However, I did hear from several rather more, um, connected sources the Guillaume was dating Mlle. Forcini but had to 86 her around the end of last year and is currently without much female companionship. Line starts >>HERE<<  ....

Allow me to add a disclaimer at this point...Guillaume did not, in fact, wake up in my bed this morning. *sniffle, sniffle* :( I know, I know it breaks the heart. Therefore, my knowledge of his currently lonely status is not based on first hand experience. For those of you who can't grasp the meaning of this let me break it down for you....I heard this info from a few people some in the "know" some don't shoot the messenger if Guillaume ends up engaged to some stuck up 21 year old artiso before the year is out.

For those of you who heard those nasty rumors that Guillaume is gay - please - don't concern yourself with this. He's very Catholic and producing an heir is one of his main functions as Hereditary Grand Duke. Trust me, he takes himself his position very seriously. So, unless you actually see Guillaume and some guy kissing don't stress over it.


  1. He deserves a medal for his super-duper discreet courtships! How does he hide these women so well??? When you win his heart you must tell!

  2. How did she let him get away?!

  3. Honestly, I think she was more interested in The Hereditary Grand Duke than in Guillaume.

  4. And you know that, how? May i ask politely?