Sunday, December 13, 2009

Audience and anniversary

On 11 December Papp hosted architects and engineers of The Grand Duchy at the GDP.

On 9 December he was present at the Philharmonie for an "academic session" hosted by Le 
Fonds National de la Recherche (Foundation for National Research) in honor of their 10th anniversary. There were speeches a lecture on the importance of research excellence in smaller European countries and the FNR showcased their new promotional film "FNR: See what's behind it."

I know I was a little slow to update on this. I apologize. I had finals this week and I took a few days of much needed relaxation. I'm back on track now and there shouldn't be any other delays with my "DeLux" blogging.

Since it is the holiday season I assume that the Grand Ducal Family has or will be gathering for family time. Guillaume and Felix, my dears, it would be particularly wonderful if you could attend some event with a camera present. I'm just saying new pics would be a nice Christmas present. ;) Maybe Tessy and Louis could even appear since they've been off the radar in the US. I'm just saying....

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