Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oh, what a wonderful day...

The wedding of Crown Princess Victoria was a beautiful event. The bride was a vision and the groom was beaming. I throughly enjoyed watching all of the coverage while chatting with fellow royal watchers. The bit about the 30 letters in Daniel's speech really got to me. I needed tissues after that. I think I have fallen a little in love with The Crown Princess Couple. I hope they continue to have a wonderful life together and that it is filled with joyous joyness. ;) The videos of the wedding events are still available at the link above.

I am disappointed that 3 of the biggest news/picture agencies in the world boycotted coverage of the actual wedding. I know that there weren't many pictures of our fabulous Family. You knew you could count on us didn't you ;) There is a wonderful gallery of Luxembourg related pictures culled from various sources here. Trust me, it is worth the click, and she has updated it several times since I first looked. The photograph of Henri and Maria Teresa below is a link to a gallery of Luxembourg related pictures. I have purposely made the photographs smaller. Just click them for the full size version. In case you hadn't noticed my layout tools have refused to co-operate with me today.

If you check "prince charming" in the dictionary I think you might find a picture of Guillaume with beard in his uniform. I was surprised to see him in full beard and formal uniform. However, I think that Guillaume and his beard make a great couple. ;) If you watched the live coverage you probably noticed that he looked a little uncomfortable. I'm not sure if this is because he was parted from his ceremonial sword, everyone was already harassing him about being the last single European heir, or if he was as annoyed as I was that his rank was discarded.

Madame la Grande-Duchesse, please take that magnificent diamond necklace to your favorite jeweler with this picture and ask them to create a similar mounting for it. Trust me it will look fantastic on you.

I offer a huge thanks to HGD for surfing everywhere for Lux pictures. You're the best!


  1. Sleep well - even I'm exhausted. My back hurts from sitting for 6 hours. But it was worth it!

  2. Thank you for that Felix pic! I was sad I didn't see him more on the coverage. I've been watching all day too - so much fun!

  3. who's the pretty girl with prince guillaume

  4. Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway. She's the wife of Crown Prince Haakon-Magnus of Norway.

  5. Great coverage of the Lux royals at the wedding! They're quickly becoming favorites of mine. :) And ITA about MT looking great in a tiara like Max's!

  6. They are my favorite. I'm rather passionate about Luxembourg and the family. I think you may have noticed that already :)

    They really have a wonderful collection of jewelry with many convertible pieces. I just wish that they would notice the potential of some of the other items. The large reverie would look great on a band. I want to convertible the grand Empire Tiara. In my mind I see at least 5 potential convertible tiaras plus the original.

  7. Hi,

    I just want to know, what do you mean by "if he was as annoyed as I was that his rank was discarded."? I didn't watch the ceremony because I thought CNN or other international news will show it.

  8. At many points during the events he was placed with people who have a rank significantly below his. He was often with "lesser" royals or had commoners before him (I do not mean Daniel's family).

  9. Yes I agree. Guillaume with a beard seems like a charming prince. I've made myselft this thougt :)

    But, do you think Guillaume is keen on protocol ? I saw few times ago a picture of him and his sister during the national day and she was a little bit far away from him. And now you said that he seems not vry good at the wedding due to the fact that "lesser" royals are behind me... (what I can understand BTW...) :)