Thursday, November 25, 2010

700 Years...Pt. 2

Henri was welcomed to Prague by President Klaus. After the welcome ceremony he and The President enjoyed a private meeting and Henri was given a tour of Prague Castle. He also visited St. Vitus Cathedral in the company of Archbishop Duka. Later, he took in the Royal Wedding exhibit. 

The Presidential Couple hosted a gala dinner in honor of their distinguished guest. During his speech, The President highlighted the historic connection between the nations. The President stated, "It is not possible to name all the personalities and events or to mention all the historical and personal ties through which our two countries have been connected since but at least the name of Charles IV must be mentioned. It was under his rule when Prague became the political centre of the Holy Roman Empire and the cultural capital of Central Europe. It is symbolic that you, Your Royal Highness, have visited the Karlštejn Castle today, a place which Charles IV built for safekeeping of the royal treasures. I should also add that it was Charles IV who elevated the County of Luxembourg to the rank of Duchy in 1354."

Luxembourg and the Czech Republic have issued a joint stamp marking the 700th anniversary of the accession of the Luxembourg dynasty. Commemorative coins were also minted by both nations. The coin minted by Luxembourg is viewable on page 20 of the Central Back of Luxembourg brochure.

It is important to note that the Luxembourg dynasty is not the same dynasty that now reigns in The Grand Duchy. Various articles cover the history of the Luxembourg dynasty. Even the page on the stamps offers a brief history lesson.

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  1. Today (one week after Henri) I also visited exhibition Royal Marriage. Really nice, I especially admire crowns and other gold things decorated by many kinds of diamonds (saphires, rubins..). Originals not copies - that was really interesting, that there are originals and not copies...