Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Stamps

On 15 March 2011, Luxembourg Post and Telecommunications will issue two new stamps. These stamps commemorate two milestone birthdays within The Grand Ducal Family.

Grand Duke Jean celebrated His 90th birthday surrounded by His family on 5 January. The Hereditary Grand Duke will celebrate his 30th birthday on 11 November.

No plans have been announced for Guillaume's 30th birthday. I hope that a milestone birthday falling on such a rare date (11/11/11) will merit an aptly "grand" celebration.

If you visit the P&T website you can view stamps issued each year beginning in 1999. Each year features a new stamp with the image or likeness of some member of The Family. Often stamps are issued in connection with a celebration...birthday, anniversary, ect...

Source: P&T Luxembourg, MyPhilatley


  1. Is it possible to get the stamps from outside the country?

    BTW, nice new look for the blog. It's easier on the eyes than the old one.


  2. Thanks Dawn. You could have sent me a message telling me it was bothering you. ;)

    I am waiting on P&T to respond to my request for info about ordering stamps directly from them. I'm sure it is possible. Their website indicates that they cater to collectors. I will post once they respond. I'm sure other readers would be interested in this, as well.

    The 2011 stamps are not available yet. I'll dig around for info. If P&T doesn't offer a shipping service I'll find a reputable site that does.

  3. I really like them both, hope when Iľl write to any luxembourg royal again, Iľl got one of these beautiful stamps on envelope:-)