Monday, July 16, 2012

A Ball With Many Guests

Last month Prince Piotr Galitzine and his wife née Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria, daughter of Archduke Rudolf of Austria and godmother of Luxembourg's very own Princess Alexandra, held a formal ball in honour of their daughter Princess Maria Galitzine. Reportedly there were more than 500 guests invited, among them quite a royal, grand ducal and princely crowd.

Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and his fiancée Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy, who is good friends with Maria's older sister Princess Xenia, were among the guests, as were Prince Félix who brought along his girlfriend Claire Lademacher, Prince Louis and Princess Tessy, as well as Princess Alexandra.

Their Habsburg cousins Archduke Imre including fiancée Katie Walker, Archduke Christoph and fiancée Adélaïde Drapé-Frisch, Archduke Alexander and younger sister Archduchess Gabriella were also among the attendants and brought their parents Archduke Carl-Christian and Princess Marie-Astrid along.

From Liechtenstein there were Princess Maria-Anunciata, Princess Marie-Astrid and probably others I have missed as I don't have the official guestlist on hand. Which also means that (keeping in mind that there were 500 guests) it is quite probable that others from Liechtenstein, the Nassau cousins or the Lignes were also among the guests.

In case you were just swamped with names that doesn't mean much to you, have a look at our Who's Who page to see how they fit into the grand ducal family.

Sources: Paris Match Belgium, Other

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  1. Miss Claire looks really good, classy and very lady-like, and Princess Alexandra looks like such a cool and nice young woman.