Thursday, August 15, 2013

National Day in Liechtenstein **

If you (like me) ever thought that finding news and pictures of the events of the Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg is hard, think again... Today what looked like the entire population of the Principality of Liechtenstein, all approximately 36,713 of them, were on holiday to celebrate their Staatsfeiertag or Fürstenfest but until now (eight hours after its official beginning) there aren't a whole lot of visuals available but here we go anyway.

Photos: Liechtensteiner Vaterland /
So far I have spied quite a force of members of the Princely Family in attendance for the state ceremony held on the castle meadow next to Schloss Vaduz which traditionally kicks off the national day celebrations: Prince Hans-Adam II and Princess Marie, Hereditary Prince Alois and Hereditary Princess Sophie with their children Prince Wenzel, Princess Marie-Caroline, Prince Georg and Prince Nikolaus, Prince Constantin and Princess Marie with their children Prince Moritz, Princess Georgina and Prince Benedikt as well as Prince Nikolaus, Prince Michael, Prince Stefan and Maria-Pia Kothbauer, Princess of Liechtenstein from the extended family. Also present were Princess Marie's parents, Count Alois Kálnoky de Kőröspatak and Countess Lindi. (In case you aren't entirely sure who is just talked about, check out our Who's Who page.)

During the course of the act of state, both the president of the parliament as well as the Hereditary Prince, who is his father's regent, held speeches. An audio of the latter's speech, in which he talked matters of state and the future of Liechtenstein, is available at Radio Liechtenstein. Articles which will tell you about what he talked exactly are available at Vaterland, Volksblatt and Le Figaro.

Photos: Liechtensteiner Vaterland /
After the official celebrations are over, the Prince and Princess traditionally invite the people of Liechtenstein, and everyone else who wants to join them, into the rose gardens of Schloss Vaduz. During the Apéro, a special kind of Liechtenstein/Swiss aperitif party with free drinks, everyone can mingle and have a beer with the Princely Family (provided they beat the other 2000 people in attendance to it).

Pictures of both events can be found at Vaterland and Seeger Press.

Swiss SRF has a news report (starting at 16:27) about the day including an interview with Prince Hans-Adam II and 1 FL TV offers interviews with Princess Marie and Hereditary Prince Alois.

For more pictures and videos, have a look at our recent post P.S. Pictures, Videos and More!

Source: Vaterland

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