Saturday, December 3, 2016

Princess Tessy in Dubai for Royal Bridges

Photo. ArtBahrain
Earlier this week, Princess Tessy (wearing another colourful dress by Marcin Lobacz) was in Dubai together with a truckload of fellow royals for the Royal Bridge's exhibition "Convergence". The inaugural exhibition of the forum brought a group of internationally recognised artists with roots in imperial, royal, princely and noble families from around the world to celebrate contemporary art through creations that include paintings, sculptures, jewellery designs and performances. 

Royal Bridges is a global artistic movement founded by Sheikh Rashid bin Khalifa al Khalifa of the Bahraini royal family along with Baron Henri Estramant. The forum wishes to challenge the traditional role of royalty as just patrons of the arts by presenting them also as artists. For a list of all artists exhibiting in Dubai, have a look at the website of Royal Bridges. The funds raised by the exhibition go to the UN World Food Programme in Dubai.

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