Thursday, September 10, 2009

65 years of busy week for The Grand Duke

Yesterday and today Luxembourg commemorated the 65th anniversary of their liberation by the American Army on September 10, 1944.

The Grand Duke together with Premierminister Jean-Claude Juncker and other minsters of the government were in Pétange. Pétange was the first city of Luxembourg to be liberated on September 9, 1944. There was a commemorative ceremony at the monument to the American soldiers.

Today The Grand Duke and members of his government attended non-denominational service at the Church of Saint Michel marking this event.

Later in the day The Grand Duke laid flowers at the national monument of Luxembourg Solidarity in the presence of Premierminster Jean-Claude Juncker, the Minister of Defense Jean-Marie Halsdorf, and the chief of staff of the Luxembourg Army General Gaston Reinig.

Grand Duke Jean together with the Minister of Defenese was at  musée national d’histoire militaire (Musuem of National Military History) to commemorate the event. The uniforms of Grand Duke Jean have been donated to the museum and are displayed with uniforms of various other Luxembourgers who severed with the allies during the war. Luxembourger volunteers were also honored.

There are photographs at the Official Website. Tageblatt has an article on the events. Wort also carries an article with a gallery of photos.

It has been a busy week for The Grand Duke although it hasn't received much attention. In addition to the celebration of Luxembourg's liberation The Grand Duke will be in Rome on Wednesday to recieve the Van-Thuan-Menschrechtspreis. Further information is expected on Tuesday.

He was also in Krakaw, Poland together with The Hereditary Grand Duke for the Interfaith Peace Conference which is part of the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of WWII. This lasted over the weekend until Tuesday.

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