Thursday, September 10, 2009

A tiny mention of Prince Félix

City File  mentioned Félix in their list of single princes. I noticed that they used the cropped picture of Félix taken from the website of Netty which was in turn taken at the wedding of Princess Xenia and Alberto Matta. The info also came from wikipedia .....He maybe be headed to Rome but he certainly isn't squeaky clean...she missed all the articles about "Félix der playboy"..... He's clean just not "squeaky." And, he's not inheriting billions. He'll always be rich which is good considering he very much enjoys the life that having a little coin gives him.


  1. What articles? I never read anything on the Lux kids.

  2. I read the tabloids from Luxembourg, and there are no less than 4-5 articles per week on various members of the family.