Thursday, January 27, 2011

Guillaume Mingles Scholastic Style

On January 26, 2011, HRH The Hereditary Grand Duke attended a meeting regarding Luxembourg's participation with United World Colleges, a non-profit organization providing intercultural learning programs in the form of academic studies, to be taken during the closing two years of students' secondary education (the Benelux division is located in Maastricht, The Netherlands). I'm sure further details of the meeting group's agenda will be released at a later time. Until then, however, might I ask our lovely readers to join in a rousing chorus of "gracias!" to Manuel Dias, whose camera clicks, though never directed at me, still never cease to bring a smile to my face. Double-sided cheek kiss, Sir!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Prince Guillaume promotes Mérite Jeunesse

Earlier today, the Grand Duke's brother Prince Guillaume visited the European School of Luxembourg to promote the Mérite Jeunesse, an award similar to the The Duke of Edinburgh's Award. A detailed outline how to get the different awards in gold, silver or bronze can be found on the homepage of the Luxembourgish private school Sainte-Anne, originally in German but dutifully set on English by me.

Apparently, Grand Duke Jean is the patron of the Mérite Jeunesse while Prince Guillaume works as the president of the board. In this capacity he promoted the Award at the European School to find new mentors to help the numerous young people between the age of 14 and 25 to achieve their goals, as well as new schools to participate in the program that is run without any competition between its participants.

Sources: Mérite Jeunesse, 352 Lux Mag, picture taken from

Monday, January 17, 2011

World Future Energy Summit

The Hereditary Grand Duke gave a welcome address at the World Future Energy Summit. The four day summit is held in Abu Dhabi under the high  patronage of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi.

The summit is the world's largest conference on renewable energy. The scope of the event is unrivaled. With more than 3,000 exhibitors and roughly 25,000 attendees 2011 the most successful year for the WFES.

The event will include: seminars, exhibits, round table discussions, business meetings and networking events. The event provides a platform for bringing innovators, investors, and policy makers together.

The summit boasts many notable attendees: The Crown Princess of Sweden, The Secretary General of The UN, The Prime Minister of Portugal, and The President of Iceland, among others.

I have yet to locate a video or summary of Guillaume's speech.

Photos: Reuters via Daylife. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Possible Engagement

I was informed by someone whom I consider very reliable that His Imperial and Royal Highness Archduke Christoph is engaged. The Archduke is the third child of Princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg and Archduke Carl-Christian of Austria.

She is a lovely young woman. They are well matched as a couple. We wish Christoph and Adélaïde a happy and successful union!

For everyone that has e-mailed me with concerns about their age...

This is not an unusual age for two people with such deep Catholic convictions to be wed. Please, don't make me explain why two adults living Catholic principals would desire to be married at 23. They are in love, they want to be together and they wish to observe the tenants of their faith. Pretty self explanatory!

I only say "possible" because it hasn't been officially announced yet; however, they are definitely engaged. =)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Spotlight On: The One Always With Louis

HRH Princess Tessy of Luxembourg was born Mlle. Tessy Antony on October 28, 1985. Much has been made of Her working-class upbringing, though just as Her so-called “fairytale” twist should not be the sole defining notation of this young life, neither should Her beginning “rank” in it.

Very little is known about The Princess’ formative years, though it has become circulated knowledge that a completed education at a Pétange -based technical high school was the forerunner to an impressive military career; at the tender age of 18 She followed Her brother into enlisted ranks, rising remarkably to the rank of NCO as a corporal driver after only two years of service, as opposed to the standard three. These efforts saw Her to Yugoslavia, as part of NATO’s Kosovo-based peacekeeping forces.

Of course, it’s no secret how a certain prince’s visit to this band of troops resulted for Mlle. Antony: A little over two years after this mission saw not a soldier redistributing Her comrades throughout potentially fragile territories, but a radiant bride and besotted new mother, greeting crowds of Her well-wishing countrymen as Madame de Nassau, the newest member of Luxembourg’s ruling family. It's no secret because, well, that's all anyone ever attributes to Her. Why should anything else be said? After all, She's only an animal-rights and physical fitness advocating, multilingual, university-attending, full-time wife/mother/daughter/sister/cousin/friend whose soul achievement in life lies on the third finger of Her left hand. Heaven forbid She should remove the ring for any reason - She might disappear altogether!

More power to you, Your Royal Highness - the varied and layered aspects of Your 25 years have not gone unwarranted by all. Who knows? Maybe by Your 10th wedding anniversary, the Monarchy's official website will have upgraded your official bio to FOUR whole lines! Eh, on second thought, perhaps You should just bookmark this one...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Updated biographies...

The official website of the Cour Grand-Ducale has updated the biography sections.

The section on The Hereditary Grand Duke is now better organized. His latest educational achievements are finally included! He completed his bachelor degree with honors in 3 disciplines. Commendable, indeed. Nothing else really new...

Prince Félix is now listed as working toward His bachelor degree in bioethics. Previously, the website stated He was undertaking a master degree. If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that I have often questioned how this was possible. The university admission policies state that anyone without the appropriate prerequisite courses in philosophy and theology (from an approved school) could only be admitted to the bachelor program, even if the candidate was in possession of a MD. The website states that The Prince is interested in the ethics of biotechnology. It is noted that He is "very sensitive" to metaphysical and anthropological issues. Sounds like He has a keen interest in different societies and the components of their makeups and perhaps in the way individuals adapt to religious matters in society. Just maybe. :D

Prince Louis' section was heavily updated. The Prince is perusing a degree in Aeronautics and Aeronautical Management at Florida Institute of Technology (old news here). The Prince is now the patron of the Martial Arts Federation.

NOW...let me take a brief moment to state my feelings on a particular subject.

As a woman, I am extremely offended and annoyed that Princess Tessy is only noted for matters of amour and reproduction, in spite of remarkable notes that have made Her who She is as an individual, as opposed to Louis' "right-hand man." Apparently, Tessy's only achievements in life have been: meeting Louis, bearing Louis' children, and marrying Louis. Monseigneur Maréchalat de la Cour, your staff couldn't string together 2 sentences mentioning a single individual merit of The Princess?? I am very disappointed.

I sincerely hope that Princess Tessy isn't okay with being treated as a brainless-illiterate-deaf-mute appendage of Her husband. I am not okay with it. I think everyone knows that I have never been a huge fan of Princess Tessy. I regularly drink the haterade where Tessy is concerned. However, I think I have just decided to become captain of Team Tessy. It is just offensive that a woman with unique qualities is consistently only mentioned as "wife of" and "mother of," regardless of claim-to-semi-fame. Respect is respect, and gone are the days when a woman was only as good as the ring on her finger.

(Special mention to Mlle. Lily Blossom for the occasional note of linguistic prowess. ;-)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Grand Reopening

On 8 April 2011, The Grand Ducal Couple attended the reopening of the refurbished Theater d'Esch. The theater was originally opened by The Grand Duchess Charlotte and Prince Félix on 26 May 1962.

The theater closed for renovations two seasons ago. The stage, dressing rooms, and administration areas have been refurbished. The theater serves Luxembourg, Belgium, France and Germany. A small auditorium seats 100 and the main hall has seating for 517 people. The facility now boasts an art gallery and cafe.

Sources: Cour Grand Ducale, Ville d'Esch-sur-Alzette

Friday, January 7, 2011

Birthday Dinner

Yesterday, Grand Duke Jean's family joined him for a birthday dinner. The celebration was held aboard the MS Princesse Marie-Astrid. Wort has kindly provided a few photographs, but very little information. RTL also provides a gallery of images. Video is also available on RTL (I haven't located the exact video yet). Several of the grandchildren preformed La Danse de Rabbi Jacob from the film Les aventures de Rabbi Jacob.

Archhduchess Marie-Christine is definitely pregnant and she is glowing! Superb!

Constantly pursing your lips together is not attractive AND it causes wrinkles around your mouth, which is even less attractive. Tessy, we don't mind seeing braces. Just smile!

Photos: Cour grand-ducale/Luxpress/Jean-Claude Ernst.

Team Leopard Trek

Prince Félix attended the official presentation of Team Leopard-Trek. The Luxembourg based international cycling team is the new home of Andy and Franck Schleck. All of Luxembourg must be suffering from cycling overdose. The past few weeks have been full of hype and news about the team. 

There is, in fact, so much news about the team that I haven't the heart to translate or summarize it. I will happily provide links to the articles. Cycling News has many articles on the new team and its creation. Wort summarizes the press conference and provides a photo of Prince Félix. RTL provides numerous video and photo galleries. I encourage you to visit their website and explore. Tageblatt provides another summary of the event and includes a short photo gallery (3 Félix pics).

The articles are set to translate as soon as you click he link. Thanks Fleur!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Birthday!! * updated

Today is the 90th birthday of Grand Duke Jean. He is joined by all of his children and grandchildren to celebration this milestone. A special concert is being held at the Philharmonic in his honor.

Many people have written to ask me if they can watch live coverage of the concert. I have found no indications that live coverage will be available. I have RTL's live stream open and it is just general news.

Tageblatt has pictures of the concert. The grandchildren did NOT look happy to be on stage. And, Archduchess Marie-Christine looks to be pregnant!! I'm pretty sure that isn't a wardrobe malfunction. Congratulations!!

RTL offers new pictures of the concert. The Daylife gallery is very nice.

Photographs are available at Belga, Getty and Daylife and then head straight for RTL. There you will find high quality images without watermarks. They offer the greatest number of images and the quality is far greater than the images that I have seen elsewhere. Belga, to their credit, offers he first photos of the concert. Tom Wagner has started adding pictures. I recommend them.

Wort offers a brief summary of the life of Grand Duke Jean. I have dutifully set the article on translate for you. RTL offers audio and visual clips of important moments in his life. You will also find that Grand Duke Jean will be on the cover of the upcoming issue of Revue. I really dig his style. He rocks the hat, tweed jacket and tie. He reminds me of my own grandfather.

I'll keep you updated on the developements in the picture/video area.

I hope everyone doesn't abandon Felix at one time. I'm already getting messages with requests for more Constantin and Josef. I'm glad everyone else has finally noticed the other princes. Just don't underestimate Alexander, Christoph, and Wenceslas. The girls are all just beautiful. Carl, my dear, I prefer your crazy curls. Please, never slick your hair back like this again. ;)

Thanks to everyone that sent pictures, links and updates! Sometime after all the final galleries are posted I'll organize everything properly.