Thursday, December 2, 2010

Maria Teresa attends film premiere

Today, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa visited the premiere of a film called "Lynn? Virwat net? Inclusioun gëtt et!" at the Utopolis Cinema. Unfortunately, my (almost non-existent) knowledge of the Luxembourgish language is insuffcient to translate the title. The film focuses on a young girl with trisomy 21 and accompanies her throughout her last year at Primary School in Lorentzweiler, the very same school Guillaume, Félix and Louis attended for their first six years of schooling.
The film is produced by Elteren a Pedagoge fir Integratioun, an organisation of parents and teachers that campaigns for the coexistence of all humans in all parts of society. The Fondation du Grand-Duc et la Grande-Duchesse helped to realise the film.

Elteren a Pedagoge fir Integratioun kindly offers a large gallery of pictures.

Sources: EPI, Cour Grand-Ducale

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