Saturday, August 27, 2011

Prince Marries Princess With A Lux Princess In Attendance

Today, Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia, the great-great-grandson of the last German emperor, got married to Princess Sophie of Isenburg. The wedding took place in the Church of Peace that is situated in Sanssoucci Park in Potsdam, Germany. Among the many attendees of German and foreign royal- and nobility was Luxembourg's very own Princess Sibilla.

The bride wore a rather unusual dress of the label Wunderkind designed by Wolfgang Joop that, in my humble opinion, looked wonderful. It is not the style of dress that I usually prefer but, nevertheless, I really liked it because it suited Sophie very well, and don't get me started on that magnificant Isenburg tiara ;)

Princess Sibilla walked into the church with Bernhard, the Hereditary Prince of Baden and his wife Princess Stephanie. In the church, she was seated next to Prince Laurent of Belgium, her husband's cousin.

Pictures of the wedding are available at most of the big photo agencies, for example Newscom, Daylife, PPE Agency and Isopix. They are constantly updated and I hope that a few more pictures of Sibilla, who, by the way, looked especially lovely today, will surface.

I am also eagerly awaiting the dinner that will take place tonight. It is a tiara event and all of us should keep our fingers crossed that Sibilla will also be in attendance to show off her beautiful Art Déco Tiara that we only get to see very rarely.

Pictures are taken from: Newscom (left), Daylife (middle), PPE Agency (right)

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