Thursday, July 6, 2017

Grand Duchess Supports Micro-finance and Inclusion

ADA/Oliver Minaire
The Grand Duchess, a long-time supporter of micro-finance, attended the 40th Midi de la Microfinance intitulé Microfinance. This conference had the special significance of not only being the 40th edition of the conference but also the 10th anniversary. The ADA event brings together Luxembourgish organizations, businesses and residents. This conference focused on bringing financial services, loans, credit, systems of payment and other services to female entrepreneurs in Africa.  These women often face social stigma in addition to lack of basic services. The financial service industry is not historically available to low-income populations. The initiative hopes to offer financial services, support and information to the target demographic while working to help them have the tools needed to carry on despite having to work five times harder than a similar male entrepreneur would. Micro-finance is an important tool for creating economic growth in areas where budding entrepreneurs would lack access to needed funding, payment systems, credit and knowledge. 

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