Thursday, July 28, 2016

Alois and Sophie Attend the Salzburg Festival

Photo: Neumayr /
On Wednesday, Hereditary Prince Alois and Hereditary Princess Sophie arrived in Salzburg in advance of the Salzburg Festival, which officially begins today, the 28th. Alois and Sophie attended a reception for the Internationale Salzburg Association (ISA), which promotes support for cultural projects within the region. The reception was held at Schloss Leopoldskron.

On the 29th, the Hereditary Prince and Hereditary Princess will be at the Residenz zu Salzburg to attend the opening of the art exhibit "Menschenbilder – Götterwelten" (or "The Worlds of Gods and Men"), which includes pieces from Liechtenstein's Princely Collection. The exhibit runs from July 30th until October 16th.

A little more from No photos at the present, but they'll be added if any show up.

Lots of photos: here, here, and here.

Henri and Sébastien to Attend Olympic Events in Rio de Janeiro

Grand Duke Henri and his son Prince Sébastien will be in Rio de Janeiro to support Luxembourg athletes in the 31st Summer Olympics. The Grand Duke will arrive in Rio on August 1st, to be present for the 129th IOC Session, and then he will attend a ceremony to welcome Luxembourg participants at the Olympic Village. Grand Duke Henri will also attend the Opening Ceremony on August 5th and watch a number of competitions during the Games. Prince Sébastien will join him on August 9th.

No State Visit to Cuba in 2017

Reports have surfaced of a possible state visit to Cuba next spring by Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa. As Luxarazzi readers likely remember, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa was born in Havana, Cuba, although she left the country with her family when she was three and a half years old. While Tageblatt reported that a state visit was planned for spring of 2017, the cour denied the report to Wort saying that no visit is planned and that if the Grand Ducal couple visits, it would more likely be an official visit. They also added that it is the government who decides about and plans the official visits.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Liechtenstein Tiara Championship: Group A, Round 1

Time for our first vote in the Liechtenstein Tiara Championship; to learn about all the details and read what Ella of the Court Jeweller had to say about all the tiaras in the LTC, please have a look at our previous post.  Facing off against each other in Group A in five rounds are six tiaras from the vaults of the (extended) Princely Family of Liechtenstein, namely (first row from the left) the Habsburg Fringe Tiara, Princess Franziska's Diamond Tiara, the Diamond Honeysuckle Tiara, (second row from the left) the Douglas Floral Tiara, Princess Elsa's Diamond Tiara and Princess Marie's Wedding Gift Tiara. Please cast three votes below, each time for your favourite of the two tiaras.

Princess Franziska's Diamond Tiara vs. Habsburg Fringe Tiara

Diamond Honeysucke Tiara vs. Princess Marie's Wedding Gift Tiara

Douglas Floral Tiara vs. Princess Elsa's Diamond Tiara

Voting closes on Sunday.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Google Accidentally Declares Death of Princess Alexandra

Photo: Screenshot / Luxemburger Wort /
Admittedly, the life of a royal blogger isn't lacking in WTF moments but today certainly does not have much competition for the number one spot on the list. What happened? Google basically declared a member of the Grand Ducal Family dead. When searching for Princess Alexandra, the search engine gives a few basic information about the only daughter of the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess. One of those informations for the past few days was: "Died: July 22, 2016". WTF?! The mistake has since been corrected (though others remain in the short Google bio of Princess Alexandra).

The Liechtenstein Tiara Championship

Alright people, let's get this sparkly party started... Last year, we had the Luxarazzi Tiara Race to keep us busy over the summer; this year, we will delve a bit deeper into the Liechtenstein vaults to find out which one your favourite tiara of the Princely Family is. We all know that the Liechtenstein vaults seemingly aren't as deep as the ones of the Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg - that, or they simply love the Habsburg Fringe Tiara - and so, we have come up with a bit of a different modus, inspired by the recent Euro. (Yes, you could take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl...)

Our Liechtenstein Tiara Championship has twelve entries, which we have drawn into to groups of six each. All the tiaras in group A will face off against each other, as will the tiaras in group B. The two tiaras with the most wins of each group will advance to the next round, the semifinal. In the semis, the winner of group A will face the runner-up of group B and vice versa. If two tiaras have the same amount of wins, we'll see how they fared head-to-head. Not all tiaras involved are strictly owned by the Princely Family but has been worn by one of their princesses. We did exclude the Luxembourg tiaras Princess Margaretha has worn as we've already covered those last year.

So let's see, who is in it, to win it:
Group A
Princess Elsa's Diamond Tiara
Princess Marie's Wedding Gift Tiara

Group B
Princess Margaretha's Sapphire Necklace Tiara 
Queen Olga of Greece's Boucheron Diamond Tiara

As many of the Liechtenstein tiaras featured in our Liechtenstein Tiara Championship, which henceforth shall also be known as LTC, we asked the wonderful and knowledgeable Ella Kay of The Court Jeweller to give us her opinions on the sparklers featured in this race. Here's what she had to say:  


Favorite: I have to go with the Habsburg Fringe, which happens to be one of my favorite tiaras full-stop. It's so perfectly proportioned and classic, and I love that it has such a detailed historical legacy.
Least Liked: I've always felt like I should like Princess Franziska's Tiara, but something about it leaves me cold. (I can't believe I just said that about a big wall of diamonds.)
Dark Horse: Hereditary Princess Sophie wore the Douglas Tiara so beautifully at her wedding that I think it might sneak out a win in this group. Everybody loves a diamond floral tiara, right?
Which Will Advance?: Still going with the Habsburg Fringe.


Favorite: The Kinsky Tiara is beautifully balanced, and I think the combination of the rounded elements and the upright pieces works so well. It was gorgeous on Princess Angela at her wedding!
Least Liked: Princess Margaretha's Sapphire Necklace Tiara doesn't do it for me. Too spindly!
Dark Horse: The Boucheron-made tiara from the Greek royal family is not one of my personal favorites -- it's a little too tall for my liking -- but it is a design triumph in many ways, and I think many will be rightfully impressed by it.
Which Will Advance?: Either the Kinsky Tiara or the lovely pearl and diamond floral tiara worn by Sophie.

Overall: which will win?
Ooh, this is tough. So many good choices! I'm going with the Habsburg Fringe -- it has classic style and an imperial legacy, and it's still in the royal spotlight at major events today.

Which one do you think will get the crown? Leave us a comment below and make sure to return tomorrow to cast your first vote!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Guillaume and Stéphanie Visit Poland With Youth Group

Photo: Kathoulesch Kierch zu Lëtzebuerg
Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie are in Poland this weekend. They were joined by Archbishop Jean-Claude Hollerich as well as a group of about 270 young people from Luxembourg, Mexico and Thailand who are on a pilgrimage together as part of the 2016 World Youth Day, which will be held in Krakow next week. 

Together they visited the town of Lubiaz today to remember Luxembourgish citizens deported to Lubiaz by the Germans during World War II. Between September 1942 and January 1943, they worked as forced labourers at Lubiaz Abbey, at the time used as secret research laboratories and manufacturing facilities, before being brought to the concentration campns in Bobernstein and Hirschberg. Many of them did not survive and never returned to Luxembourg.

With their visit to Lubiaz, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie follow in the footsteps of Grand Duke Jean and Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte who did so in 1993. The Hereditary Grand Duke also is no stranger to World Youth Days. Together with his siblings and cousins he has been around the world for many of them in previous years.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Sophie Talks Stuart Heritage and a New Furry Child

Photo: Roland Korner
Hereditary Princess Sophie has given an interview to the third edition of the "oho"-magazine published in Liechtenstein once a year. In the lengthy interview, the Hereditary Princess spoke about her Stuart heritage which regularly links her to the British throne joking, "This story was never something we discussed at home, and until I travelled to London with my school class, I had not even heard about it. An acquaintance of my English teacher once said to me: “But you’re a Stuart.” And I just thought: what is he talking about? When I got back home, I asked my parents. They found the whole thing hilarious, and then explained the background to me. I can therefore assure you, I shall not be asserting a claim to the British throne."

In the lengthy interview, Hereditary Princess Sophie also reveals that her children do not want her to speak Liechtenstein dialect as "it sounds terrible" and that she has a new furry companion, a dachshund called Tipsy. In addition, she speaks about raising children in general and raising an heir to the throne in particular saying "I hope that my children will say that their mother was always there for them, and had an open ear for their worries and concerns". The English translation of the interview is available here.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Guillaume and Stéphanie Attend EMDR Conference

On July 5th, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie were at the University of Luxembourg to attend the conference Des blessures de la vie quotidienne au trauma. Les solutions de la psychothérapie EMDR ("Injuries from everyday trauma. EMDR psychotherapy solutions"). The conference was jointly presented by Isabel Fernandez, the President of EMDR Europe and Jaques Roques, the co-founder of EMDR France, in participation with EMDR Luxembourg.

EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, is an eight-phase form of psychotherapy that is used to treat PTSD, as well as trauma in children.

No photos at present, but they'll be added if they're made available.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Lannoy Family News

To keep us busy in the low season - yes, we do have a summer series for you, please be a little more patient - some Lannoy family news to keep us entertained. Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie recently became an aunt again. Count Léopold de Lannoy was born on July 6. He is the third son and third child of Count Olivier de Lannoy and his wife née Alice van Havre. In addition, the Hereditary Grand Duchess will also become a sister-in-law again son. Another one of her brothers, Count Amaury de Lannoy, recently got engaged to Astrid d'Harcourt. Congratulations!