Monday, July 24, 2017

Prince Félix Celebrates "Lorgues, Terre de Vins"

On the vineyard front, Prince Félix participated in a celebration honoring the origins of the association Lorgues, Terre de Vins. The event was held at Château les Crostes, with eleven other participants in the Lorgues wine-making community. The goal was to highlight the importance of the region, its terroir, and what it has to offer the wider world of French wines.

A video from Facebook:

Saturday, July 15, 2017

(No) Update on Louis and Tessy

On January 19 of this year, the cour grand-ducale announced the decision of Prince Louis and his wife of ten years Tessy to divorce. A month later, the decree nisi was issued by a London court though, as we were informed by the cour, this didn't mean that the couple were divorced yet. This then, we haven't heard any more news about the couple's relationship status. Prince Louis as since not had any official events and has only attended two kinda public family events, the baptism of his nephew and the civil wedding of his cousin Marie-Gabrielle. I say kinda, as pictures were only received afterwards.

Over the past week or so, the cour grand-ducale has removed the biography of the probably already former Princess Tessy from their official website. Gone as well as the family pictures of Prince Louis, his presumably former wife and two sons. Apart from wondering about the fact why the photos of Prince Gabriel and Prince Noah were deleted as well, it is probably a sign that behind the scenes the divorce has either been finalised or is in the last stages to being finalised.

The only mention of Tessy in Prince Louis' section now reads as, "Two sons were born from his marriage with Tessy Antony: Prince Gabriel Michael Louis Ronny, born in Geneva on March 12, 2006 and Prince Noah Etienne Guillaume Gabriel Matthias Xavier, born in Luxembourg on September 21, 2007." Louis' biography neither mentions his wedding date nor the divorce date.

Japanese Royal Visit to Luxembourg

Earlier this month, Princess Hisako of Takamado, member of the Japanese royal family, visited Ireland to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between Japan and Ireland. On her way to Ireland, she apparently dropped by the Grand Duchy. A very crappy Google translation of a Japanese article tells us, "On the way, I was dropped by Luxembourg at the invitation of a famous friends Henri Henri." Let's assume that this 'famous friends Henri Henri" is indeed the Grand Duke.

The Palais Grand-Ducal Holds Student Tours

Photo: © Cour grand-ducale / Claude Piscitelli / tous droits réservés
From July 10th until July 13th, the Palais grand-ducal opened its doors to local students from Cycle 4 of the educational system. This is the seventh consecutive year the palace has welcomed students (see here for last year), in collaboration with the Luxembourg City Tourist Office (LCTO). Students learned about the history of the Palais grand-ducal, in addition to how the Grand Ducal family lives and works. The tour also included information about the art and decor within the palace.

The students tours totaled more than 800 young people from 28 different schools. The visitors were first welcomed by a palace staff member and then guided on the tour by a guide from LCTO. The students also got a sneak peek of the upcoming exhibit "1817-2017 : Bicentenaire de la naissance du Grand-Duc Adolphe¦ un «luxembourgeois» de cœur et d’âme" ("1817- 2017: Bicentenary of the birth of Grand Duke Adolphe, a 'Luxembourgeois' with heart and soul"), which will be opened to the public at the annual Palais grand-ducal opening that starts July 15th and runs through September 3rd.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla Interested in the White Paper

Back in May, Prince Guillaume and his wife, Princess Sibilla, attended an event on the White Paper on the Future of the European Union. Also in attendance was Ms. Yuriko Backes who is the Head Representative of the European Commission in Luxembourg. Ms. Backes tweeted a picture of herself with the royal couple. 

The White Paper outlines five options for the future of the European Union. You may read more about the White Paper at the European Commission

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume at Wimbledon

Photo: AFP / Reuters
Another day at Wimbledon, another grand ducal spectator. This time it was Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume's turn to support Gilles Müller. Unfortunately, the Hereditary Grand Duke didn't turn out to be the same lucky charm his brother Félix was a few days ago when Müller beat Rafael Nadal to advance to the quarter finals. Today, he faced Marin Cilic and lost in a five set match with 6:3, 6:7, 5:7, 7:5 and 1:6. Nonetheless Müller got big cheers from Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Prime Minister Xavier Bettel.

A bunch of more pictures at Wort.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Grand Duke Celebrates La Francophonie

Photo: Dominique Gaul / Cour grand-ducale
Yesterday, Grand Duke Henri attended the opening ceremony of the 43rd edition of the Assemblée parlementaire de la Francophonie and the 8th edition of the Assemblée parlementaire de la Francophonie. The parliamentary assembly celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. The International Organisation of La Francophonie comprises of 57 member states and governments, three associate members and twenty observers. French is one of the three national languages of Luxembourg and the Grand Duchy is also a member of the organisation.

More information at Tageblatt, more pictures at the cour.

Alois Attends Opening of Technopark Liechtenstein

Photo: Volksblatt /
On the 7th, Hereditary Prince Alois attended the two-years-in-the-making opening of Technopark Liechtenstein, which aims to support start-ups in the Principality. The Hereditary Prince was joined by a number of individuals active in business, science, and politics. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economics Daniel Risch spoke at the event, along with Magnus Tuor, the Chairman and co-founder of Technopark.

Technopark Liechtenstein currently supports several start-ups, with at least six more in the application process.

A little more information at Volksblatt.

Henri Receives Secretary-General of La Francophonie

Photo: © Cour grand-ducale / tous droits réservés
On the 10th, Grand Duke Henri received in audience the Secretary-General of La Francophonie, Michaëlle Jean. She is currently in Luxembourg as part of the 50th anniversary celebration of La Francophonie's Assemblée parlementaire.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Prince Félix at Wimbledon

Photo: Corinne Dubreuil/ABACA
Probably a bit of Luxembourgish sporting history was written today as Gilles Müller beat Rafael Nadal with 6-3 6-4 3-6 4-6 15-13 in a thrilling round of sixteen match at Wimbledon. There to witness the occasion was Prince Félix. Müller, currently the world number 85, will next face Marin Cilic of Croatia. About the royal spectator Müller said after the match, "I heard he was going to come. We know each other. He's a big tennis fan. The whole family plays tennis and likes tennis. It was fun to have him here."