Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Prince Josef completes Sandhurst

Prince Josef of Liechtenstein has completed his training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. He "passed out" (this does not imply he fainted) on 11 December 2009 at the Sovereign's Parade. He also took part in the Commandants Parade 2 days earlier.

According to the Times his commission will be in Liechtenstein's armed forces which is odd considering that Liechtenstein does not maintain any armed forces. The times also erroneously styled him as His Royal Highness. Let's not allow the sloppy work of the times to distract from his achievement. Completing Sandhurst is no easy task.

Prince Josef is the second grandson of Grand Duke Jean to complete the training regimen at Sandhurst. Guillaume also completed Sandhurst. Felix, unfortunately, sustained a serious ski injury that prevented him from completing the program despite being among the best cadets in his class.

Prince Josef is the exceptionally attractive son of Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein and Princess Margaretha of Luxembourg.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Annual Christmas Eve address 2009 - updated

The Grand Duke's annual Christmas Eve speech is now available. The written translations of the speech haven't been published yet but the video still nice.

Wort finally has an article on The Grand Duke's Christmas message which includes a brief description of some of the points covered. Original...Ghetto English. 

RTL also has a mention of the message with some description of the highlights and also offers the video. They also offer the text of the speech in French but their Luxembourgish link is broken.

Hereditary Grand Duke to open seminar in UAE and Bahrain

On Monday, 11 January 2010, Guillaume will give the welcome address at the Luxembourg, A Global Financial Services Center in Manama, Bahrain. The seminar will be held at the Hotel Ritz Carlton.

The Bahrain seminar is in partnership with Bahrain Associate of Banks, the Central Bank of Bahrain and Luxembourg for Finance. 

On Tuesday, 12 January 2010, Guillaume will give the welcome address at the Luxembourg, A Global Financial Services Center seminar in Dubai. The seminar will held at the Hotel Jumeirah Emirates Towers.

The Dubai seminar is in partnership with Luxembourg For Finance and Dubai International Finance Center.

Guillaume will be part of the mission to Dubai and Bahrain from 10-13 January 2010. He will be accompanied by Mr. Luc Frieden, Minister of Finance and representatives of the financial industry of Luxembourg.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Annual Christmas Eve address

Tomorrow the traditional Christmas Eve speech of The Grand Duke will be broadcast from the Yellow Room of the Grand Ducal Palace.

I'm pretty sure the speech is prerecorded because I think the family likes to pass the Christmas season at their chalet in Switzerland. If you are one of those people who just has to have a source for everything you can check old issues of the Spanish language magazine Vanidades.

In honor of the upcoming speech of The Duke I thought it would be a good time to reflect on last year's message. The text of his previous speech may be read in English, French, and Luxembourgish. You may also view his speech in Luxembourgish. I have attached the speech. Remember this is the message from last year. When the new message comes online I'll make a new post for it.

Christmas Eve broadcast 2008

Grand Ducal Palace

This year the Grand Ducal Palace attracted more than 10,000 visitors. The GDP is traditionally open from July to August each year. This coincides roughly with the time when The Grand Duke is on his annual holiday in Bromes-les-Mimosas in the South of France.

The proceeds of the guided tours are given to the foundation established by The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess early in their marriage. This year 28, 027 Euro has been paid to the foundation as a result of the tours.

I tried to find the website of the foundation with no luck. There used to be a website which seemed to always be under construction.

Article in ghetto English. 

Birthday of Princess Elisabeth

Yesterday, 22 December 2009, was the birthday of Princess Elisabeth of Luxembourg. She is the second child of the late Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg and her husband Prince Felix of Bourbon-Parma (also created Prince of Luxembourg). As such, she is the younger sister of Grand Duke Jean and the aunt of Grand Duke Henri.

In 1956 she married HSH Prince Franz of Hohenberg. Prince Franz was the heir to the Ducal House of Hohenberg. The House of Hohenberg is a morgantic branch of the Imperial House of Habsburg. In 1962 Prince Franz became 2nd Duke of Hohenberg. When he became The Duke of Hohenberg he also acquired the higher style of His Highness. Princess Elisabeth and The Duke of Hohenberg had two daughters Princesses Anita and Sophie.

Friday, December 18, 2009

A new advisor for The Grand Duke

On 1 December 2009 Mr. Patrick Engelberg became the new Chief of Cabinet (Chef de Cabinet/Kabinettschef). Mr. Engelberg is the former Chief of Protocol for the Foreign Ministry. As the new Chief of Cabinet it is his privilege to advise The Grand Duke.

The post of Chief of Cabinet has been vacant since 2002. Mr. Albert Hansen was the last Chief.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Grand Duke receives Nobel Laureate

Papp received Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel at the Grand Ducal Palace yesterday. Elie was giving a lecture at the University of Luxembourg.

I absolutely love Elie Wiesel and have tremendous respect for him! I'm very pleased to see the Grand Duke hosting him. Surely everyone who can read this blog knows who Elie Wiesel is. If you aren't aware of who Elie is please visit the website of The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity and read about this amazing man and his foundation.

If you didn't already think Bernard Madoff was an example of the worst form of all around greedy dirt bag  then his fleecing of the Foundation for Humanity should be enough to convince you of it.

I looked around for more information on the audience and on the conference at the university but have been unable to locate anything else. I'll keep looking.

Grand Duke presents award

Henri presented Mr. Robert Schuler and Dr Charles Delagardelle the International Olympic Committee award for "Sport et Lutte contre le dopage"(literally Sport and the Fight Against Doping).

Dr. Delagardelle is the president of the Luxembourg Society of Sports Medicine. He is also a founding member of the Comité National de Lutte contre le Dopage dans le Sport (CNLDS. Mr. Schuler is also a founding member of the Comité National de Lutte contre le Dopage (National Committee to Fight Against Doping). In 1990 the CNLDS was renamed Agence luxembourgeoise antidopage (ALAD).

Both Dr. Delagardelle and Mr. Schuler have a long history of being involved in the fight against doping in Luxembourg sport.

Additional information can be found on he website of the Comite Olympique et Sportif Luxembourgeois in the news archives section.

The photograph on the official website page that I linked in the first paragraph is credited to Wort but I couldn't locate any information about this online.

I know It's been a slow news week related to the Luxembourg family. Don't fret soon we'll have The Grand Duke's Christmas message and the traditional New Year audiences at the GDP. The traditional reception for the Luxembourg Army and National Police should also be happening before Christmas. Tessy and Louis are back in Luxembourg for a bit and one assumes Felix has also arrived home for the holiday season so hopefully we'll have some nice new pics from the reception for the army and police. Personally, I'd like to see a picture of Grand Duke Jean with the family for the holidays.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Audience and anniversary

On 11 December Papp hosted architects and engineers of The Grand Duchy at the GDP.

On 9 December he was present at the Philharmonie for an "academic session" hosted by Le 
Fonds National de la Recherche (Foundation for National Research) in honor of their 10th anniversary. There were speeches a lecture on the importance of research excellence in smaller European countries and the FNR showcased their new promotional film "FNR: See what's behind it."

I know I was a little slow to update on this. I apologize. I had finals this week and I took a few days of much needed relaxation. I'm back on track now and there shouldn't be any other delays with my "DeLux" blogging.

Since it is the holiday season I assume that the Grand Ducal Family has or will be gathering for family time. Guillaume and Felix, my dears, it would be particularly wonderful if you could attend some event with a camera present. I'm just saying new pics would be a nice Christmas present. ;) Maybe Tessy and Louis could even appear since they've been off the radar in the US. I'm just saying....

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Grand Duke hosts audience

The Grand Duke received General Antonios Chatzidakis at the GDP. General Antonios Chatzidakis is the new general manager of NAMSA. NAMSA is the NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency which appears to be based in Capellen, Luxembourg

On a side note, Revue has this old gallery of pics from National Day. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Grand Duke attends anniversary

The Grand Duke has attended the 100th anniversary celebration of the CGFP (Civil Servants Union) at the grand theater. The photo description of one of the pictures points out that for 100 years the CGFP has shaped the destiny of Luxembourg.

 I have had final exams for university last week and this week. I apologize for not being as interesting as usual. If this little blog could actually be considered interesting.


On 8 December Archduke Imre of Austira celebrated his 24th birthday. The Archduke is the second child Princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg and her husband Archduke Carl-Christian of Austria. Princess Marie-Astrid and Archduke Carl-Christian are my favorite royal couple and Archduke Imre is among my favorite princes. He's in the top 5 most awesome category according to moi ;) So, Happy belated birthday Imre.

As usual, I've updated the b-day countdown. The next birthday in the family is Princess Elisabeth who will turn 87 years young on 22 December.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The funeral of Prince Alexander of Belgium

The Grand Duke attended the funeral of his uncle Prince Alexander of Belgium today in Laeken. His sisters Princess Margaretha and Princess Marie-Astrid also attended. Princess Marie-Astrid was accompanied by her husband Archduke Carl-Christian and his mother Archduchess Yolande (nee de Ligne).

Belga and PPE Agency each have a gallery of photos of the funeral.

King Albert II of the Belgians is now the only remaining biological uncle of The Grand Duke and his siblings. Their uncles King Baudouin of the Belgians and Prince Charles of Luxembourg died in 1993 and 1977, respectively. They have 5 surviving biological aunts. The surviving sisters of Grand Duke Jean are Princess Elisabeth, Princess Alix, and Princess Marie-Gabriele. Princess Marie-Adelaide predeceased them in 2007. Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte was survived by her younger (half) sisters Princess Marie-Christine and Princess Marie-Esmeralda.

I extend my deepest sympathy to the family of Prince Alexander. Despite being relatively unknown, he was one of my favorite princes and I am saddened by his sudden death.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Grand Duke to attend funeral

According to Royal Blog The Grand Duke will attend the funeral of his uncle Prince Alexander of Belgium. The funeral of Prince Alexander will be held tomorrow in Laeken. The Prince will be interred in a crypt in the chapel adjacent to the Royal Crypt at the Church of Our Lady.

It is not confirmed but I highly suspect that The Grand Duchess will be in attendance with Henri and that his sisters and their husband's (they are close to their Belgian relatives) will attend.

Prince Alexander,  born July 18, 1942, was the child of Leopold III, King of the Belgians and his second, much vilified, wife Princess Lilian (nee Baels). He died November 29, 2009 of an acute pulmonary embolism. He was predeceased by his elder (half) siblings Baudouin, King of the Belgians and Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte of Luxembourg. He is survived by his wife Lea who is styled as Princess Alexander of Belgium, his older (half) brother Albert II, King of the Belgians and his two younger sisters Princesses Marie-Christine and Marie-Esmeralda of Belgium.

I've read many comments since the death of Prince Alexander about the relationship between himself and his siblings. I consider several of these comments to be in bad taste. Prince Alexander seemed to enjoy a good relationship with his elder siblings from the first marriage of their father. The same cannot always be said for his younger sister Princess Marie-Christine who had a rather difficult relationship with not only their siblings but their parents. The relationship between the children of Queen Astrid and their step mother couldn't have been as bad as the press leads us to believe considering that Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte named her first child after both her mother and her step-mother.

I just want to point out that I am really not comfortable with the term "half uncle" that other people seem to prefer. I'm only moderately more comfortable with the term "half brother." I have five "half uncles" and and two "half aunts." They would feel insulted and disrespected if I ever introduced them as my "half" aunt or uncle. I understand that, perhaps, this term is useful from a genealogical prospective but I have a hard time accepting that any person of decorum would use the term "half uncle" while referring to their relatives. Seriously, either your an uncle or you aren't. Does a "half" uncle somehow act as an uncle only half of the time?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Grand Ducal Couple together with Guillaume received the officials of the community of Sant' Edidio at Schloss Berg in Colmar-Berg.

The Community of Sant'Edidio is a Catholic lay organisation. The community is active in charitable works and peace negotiations.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Grand Duchess and Princess Marie-Astrid attend bazaar

Princess Marie-Astrid and her sister-in-law Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa are pictured together at the International Advent Bazaar.

The traditional International Advent Bazaar opened in Kirchberg during the first weekend of Advent. That's this weekend for those who don't celebrate Advent. If you don't know what Advent is and would like to expand your cultural knowledge I direct you here.

By Sunday some 25,000 visitors are expected. The guest of honor on Saturday afternoon was the Grand Duchess Maria Teresa. The Grand Duchess and Princess Marie-Astrid carefully examined the wares being sold at the 60 stalls.

The products are from many different countries and include traditional Christmas food and drink specialties. The Advent bazaar always has a charitable background. This year proceeds will be distributed to 108 projects in 60 countries, the majority of them located in Africa, Latin America and Asia. The main project of 2009 (which receives significant support) is located in the province of Chiang Rai in northern Thailand. The DEPDC (Development of Education Program for Daughters and Communities) is an NGO that provides around the clock assistance and accommodation for girls and boys who are exposed to various negative situations, for example, prostitution or forced labor. Under the direction of Kuhn Sompop Jantraka, winner of the Wallenberg Award in 2008, it also guarantees the enrollment of refugee children from Laos and Myanmar.

Of the 15 projects located in Luxembourg, eleven projects are sponsored by organizations in developing countries, Luxembourg and four charitable projects are located in Luxembourg itself: Asti (support of children of asylum seekers); Fraenhaus, Femmes en détresse (support for female victims of domestic abuse), Association des parents d'élèves d'origine capverdienne, APADOC (support for the Cape Verdean children in the Luxembourg school system), Il était une fois (cross-cultural readings and playful activities for young children).

It is not mentioned in the article but I clearly recognize Princess Marie-Astrid was in attendance with the Grand Duchess. There is a gallery of pictures in the article. It is nice to see my two favorite women attending an event together.

RTL also has a small article but a nice photo gallery of the event. They didn't mention Princess Marie-Astrid by name either. I'm a little disappointed that they clearly recognize that she is "someone" but don't mention her.

Perhaps, Wort and RTL should hire me to write their articles about the Grand Ducal Family since I  can at least recognize all of the members of the family...I'm just saying...

English article. 

Anyone else want a Kinder Surprise Egg after reading about Advent? Maybe that's just me.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Additional info and pics of the US visit

The official website has also updated their pictures of Guillaume's visit to the United States since my post about it.

Additionally, the state website has more detailed information about the working visit. The page in English courtesy of the ghetto translator.

Hereditary Grand Duke recieves students

Guillaume received a group of Japanese junior high school students and the Japanese ambassador at the Grand Ducal Palace. The visit is in connection with the cooperation between the Kijimadaira et le Lycée de Diekirch in Luxembourg and the Kijimandaira school in Nagano, Japan. The director of the school in Luxembourg, Mr. Kazuo Higuchi, was also present. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Union calls on Grand Duke to find new court supplier

Villeroy and Boch have announced that they are closing their Luxembourg facility. The closure of the facility in Rollingergrund will cause the loss of 230 jobs in Luxembourg. This has not been popular and there have been protests.

The LCGB (Christian Federation of Trade Unions) has sent a letter to the Grand Duke to implore him to terminate V&B as a supplier to the Grand Ducal Court. They say this is appropriate because V&B has shown a disregard for their Luxembourg employees and paid little attention to the social attitudes of the day.

LCGB say that this would be a move of solidarity between the Grand Duke and the 230 employees who will lose their jobs.

Article in English. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New photos of Guillaume at Kraizbierg

The Kraizbierg has updated their website with additional photos of Guillaume at their annual Adventsmoart.

Just go here and click on the part showing Guillaume right on the front page or go to the archives et photos section on the left and select Adventsmoart 2009.

It's a lovely slide show of pictures of Guillaume there. I really appreciate the work he does with the Kraizbierg and enjoy every opportunity that allows me to mention it.

Thanks Joanna for giving me the heads up on the updated gallery!

Guillaume in the US

Guillaume has accompanied Mr Jeannot Krecke, Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade, for a working visit to the United States of America 16 to 19 November 2009. The Luxembourg delegation met with leaders of DuPont de Nemours in Wilmington (Delaware), Guardian Industries in Auburn Hills and Delphi Automotive in Troy (Michigan), and Goodyear Tire & Rubber in Akron (Ohio), thereby strengthening the linkages with the branches of parent companies of these American companies based in Luxembourg.

Transatlantic flight + Ohio + Delaware + Michigan in 3 days + return transatlantic flight = an exhausted Hereditary Grand Duke. I hope he stopped in to visit Louis and family in Florida before he returned home.

Sadly, this information was not known until after the visit was completed - as usual.

Interview with The Grand Duchess

This is an old interview with The Grand Duchess concerning her visit to Kenya and Burundi. It is interesting to hear her speak of the problems facing these two nations and the effort that She and Luxembourg have put into helping where possible. The Grand Duchess shows a great capacity for empathy and is truly interested in her mission.

This is the original interview. Here is the ghetto English version.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

More 20th anniversary in Stockholm

Yesterday The Grand Duchess attended the "high level conference" in Sweden that was part of the second day of the 20th anniversary of the UN Convention for the Rights of the Child. I didn't find much information about the actual program of the conference, so I am left to focus on fashion :(

PPE Agency  has a gallery of pictures of both days of the event. Just click on the link and then select "event" in the blue box on the left.  The pics are right on the front page listed as 20-11-2009 Frosundavik and 19-11-2009 Stockholm.

The Grand Duchess looked very well. I'm very glad to see her out and about again. I love that we have saw more of Guillaume since her surgery but I miss seeing my Grand Duchess :( She looked perfectly coiffed, elegant, stylish and as always glowing with friendly genuineness. She was also looking a wee bit tried. I know it was a busy few days and I hope she takes it easy when she gets home.

Guillaume dear, just because we miss our Grand Duchess doesn't mean we want you to return to wherever it is that you hide yourself!!

I did see some people discussing that Crown Princess Mary was looking the most stylish. I respectfully disagree! The simple elegance and class of Crown Princess Victoria was unmatched among the Crown Princesses. She wasn't the only one who looked nice but she always has a lovely glow and perfect class.

Unrelated Note: I changed the translator to Google's ghetto translator because it offers a much larger variety of languages than yahoo's even more ghetto translator. It's in the top left area of the page between the contact info and Luxembourg clock.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Grand Duke present for 100th anniversary of The Confédération Luxembourgeoise du Commerce

Today The Grand Duke was present at the Grand Theater  for the 100th anniversary of The Confédération Luxembourgeoise du Commerce (CLC). The CLC represents 22% of the GDP with 11, 000 companies and more than 60, 000 employees. 

Google's ghetto English version of the article.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pictures from UN concert

There are now photographs available of the concert to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the UN convention for the rights of the child that I mentioned earlier this week. Online press agencies are still updating their galleries with these images. Getty, Belga and AFP have pictures but every time I look they have more. I just searched for UN in pictures uploaded today.

The Grand Duchess and The Queen of the Belgians were wearing the same jacket and top. The dangers of wearing so much Natan.

There are some images posted on the Scandinavian Royals MB, the Glittering MB and Luxarazzi forum .

Guillaume at Kräizbierg workshops in Dundelange

 On 13 November The Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume visited the Kräizbierg workshops located in Dundelange. He was shown the creation of seasonal items which are sold to benefit the disabled workers. It is also now mentioned on the official website.

Other persons of note visited throughout the day, as is tradition, including the Minister of Labor.

There are normally a lot of photographs any time Guillaume visits the Kraizbierg but I only saw this one. He is wearing the same suit he wore in June with a different tie.

Thanks to Irene for providing the information!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Grand Duke attends acedemic session

HRH Grand Duke attended the academic session at the Mierscher Cultural Center as part of the 50th anniversary of the association of development assistance"Lëtzebuerger Jongbaueren a Jongwënzer". Young Luxembourg farmers help Africans improve their living conditions by improving the means and techniques of production and by optimizing their crops.

The information I read makes me think it's like 4H and that that goal is to help farmers in developing nations learn improved techniques of farming.

Wenceslas turns 19

Today (17 November) is the 19th birthday of Prince Wenceslas of Nassau. He is the third child of Prince Jean of Luxembourg and his first wife Hélène Vestur. I have no recent photographs of him that I can publish on this occasion. This is unfortunate because he's a very attractive young man. Joyeux anniversaire Prince Wenceslas!

I've updated my little countdown. Archduke Imre is the next birthday within the grand ducal family. He is the second child of Princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg and Archduke Carl-Christian of Austria. I'm particularly fond of their family.

The Grand Duchess to attend 20th Anniversary

The Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa will be present at the 20th anniversary of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child. The event will be held in Stockholm, Sweden on 19-20 November.

On 19 November there will be a concert at Berwald Concert Hall organized by the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. On 20 November a "high-level conference on the rights of the child is being organised within the framework of the Swedish Presidency of the European Union." The conference is being held at the Radisson Blu Royal Park Hotel in Frösundavik, Stockholm. 

There will be several prearranged photo opportunities so expect photographs. The concert is expected to be a glittering event. 

Also in attendance at the concert will be:

HRH The Grand Duchess of Luxembourg - obviously
HM The King of Sweden
HM The Queen of Sweden
HRH The Crown Princess of Sweden
HRH Princess Madeleine of Sweden 
HM The Queen of The Netherlands
HM The Queen of Spain
HM The Queen of the Belgians
HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark
HRH The Crown Princess of Norway
HRH The Crown Princess of Romania
HRH The Crown Princess of Yugoslavia

This is also mentioned on the Swedish Royal House's official website. Unfortunately, the Grand Ducal Court rarely releases details of an event before it happens. The attendance of The Grand Duchess is mentioned in the press release and on the official website of the Swedish RH. This event is also discussed on the Glittering Royal events MB, the Scandinavian Royals MB and of course I mentioned it on the LuxArazzi forum all of which are in my links section. ---->

Monday, November 16, 2009

Prince Guillaume at Red Cross Bazaar

Prince Guillaume attended the 63rd annual Red Cross Bazaar held at Victor Hugo Hall. Sinterklaas was also on hand as you can see from the picture. The proceeds from the bazaar go to the Luxembourg Youth Red Cross. The funds will be used for summer camps and helping youths obtain housing, giving them a head start on their lives. 

RTL has a gallery of pictures of the bazaar. 

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla

Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla attended the remembrance ceremony for the 200 people how have died in auto accidents in Luxembourg over the past 15 years. There have been 42 traffic fatalities in Luxembourg this year. Despite these high numbers Luxembourg's roads are consistently rated among the safest in Europe.

As I read the Luxembourg news everyday I am astounded by the number of traffic accidents that the Grand Duchy has.

The article also mentions that a forest has been planted to honor those who have died.

Google's ghetto translated version of the article in English.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Revue Article

The article of Revue is now available online for your reading pleasure. It is in German if you prefer English I offer google's ghetto translated version to you.

I already pointed out the errors of their offerings. In case you missed those I shall point out a few more.

Princess Beatrice, they say, is a good choice because their mother's are both commoners who struggle with their weight. What Revue fails to point out is that The Grand Duchess is an educated women of class. I would not put Sarah, Duchess of York and The Grand Duchess of Luxembourg in the same category - sorry British readers. Sarah literally tossed the typewriter out the window at secretarial school and Maria-Teresa completed her education at The University of Geneva. Oh yes, "The Queen" will attend the wedding...sure that's a great qualification for Guillaume's future wife. I'm sure it'll be a successful union based on that fact alone. :(  Poor Guillaume, can't we all hope he finds happiness not merely glittering guests for his wedding.

Paris Hilton is a good business woman? She doesn't actually run these businesses, you know. She is the image and press for these businesses which are associated with her name and face. Sure she may own part of them but she's not actually running them. Does it make you a good business woman to be willing to do anything (no matter how shameless) to make money? She's actually been in a club at the same time as Felix and no one was impressed by her - no names mentioned here either Revue. They missed the episode of E! where it was discussed that Paris allegedly requires a daily dose of Valtrex. Let's not wish that on Guillaume not for all the hair extensions and spray tans in the world. Guillaume if you ever read this and later run into Paris take my advice - run in the other direction as fast as you can. Paris Hilton is no Grace Kelly.

I didn't see any real reasons for Princess Elisabeth other than her mother has returned to the catholic faith and that she has partied in Luxembourg (really who hasn't). If those are the only two requirements for future Grand Duchess I'm happy to send my resume on over to the GDP. I actually like Princess Elisabeth, btw. She's got a little sparkle (and I don't mean "bling") to her and I dig it. They didn't mention any of the really good qualities like she's educated, has a real job, has access to more jewels than Paris Hilton could dream of and she's independent and multilingual.

Princess Madeline is engaged to be married. She's sporting a ice skating rink on her finger. Revue refers to Jonas as a "cheap copy of Orlando Bloom." I agree he certainly doesn't compare to the fantastically man-tastic Guillaume but that's a little much. She would have been a good match but the ship has sailed, as the saying goes.

I really appreciate that Revue mentions that in addition to being future Grand Duchess you get a nice polite well bread man. Isn't Guillaume the real prize here not the title? I'm glad they mentioned  that he is a pretty good catch even without the whole Grand Duchess thing.

I apologize if I was a little too blunt for some readers. I simply expected something more serious from Revue.

Grand Duke Jean

Here is an interesting page on Grand Duke Jean which includes some nice speaking clips.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Guillaume searching for women?

What do you think of the new Revue cover? Revue isn't a tabloid despite what you may think given the current cover and topic.

My thoughts:

Paris Hilton - As if! Only in her dreams Guillaume would never be interested. Maria-Teresa raised her son's better than to bring home women who star in cheesy reality shows and sex tapes. Please, be serious Revue!
Princess Madeline - she's engaged to Jonas.
Princess Beatrice - not his type and she's still dating Dave.
Charlotte - me thinks not and she also has a boyfriend.
Princess Elisabeth - hmmm...admirable pedigree, educated, pretty, she says she's single (I read her blog)...Alas, I don't really think they would mesh well, IMHO.

Guillaume turns 28

Today is the 28th birthday of The Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg.

There is no word on how he will celebrate. I'm sure there will be a celebration but there is no need for us mere mortals to be informed about the particulars of the event. We may get a nice photo gallery or two from some press in Luxembourg. I'll keep a look out for those.

Together with my fellow Luxembourg Royal watchers, I hope that Guillaume has an excellent birthday filled with laughter, thoughtful gifts and delicious food in the company of good friends and family. Alles Guddes fir dain Gebuertsdaag!

I've updated my little birthday countdown clock ----> to reflect the next birthday within the Grand Ducal Family.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Through the eyes of a local...

Here is an interesting entry that someone wrote about Luxembourg. It features some interesting info and some pictures of the always lovely and photographic Grand Duchy.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sebastien and Rugby

Prince Sebastien plays rugby on Luxembourgs U19 National Rugby Team. Apparently, he plays very well. He has a normal relationship with his teammates and they occasionally enjoy teasing him about his royal status. He pointedly said to the press who were part of the coverage of the team that he did not want to be treated any different than his teammates.

This was mentioned in Wort a while back when his team played Croatia. The team hosted some press recently so Seb's participation on the rugby team made the covers of several magazines Promi, Revue, et al. Promi has changed their cover already and the article was not available online. You may read the Revue article online.

Prince Robert in Chopard

There is a feature on Prince Robert in Chopard men's magazine. It can be read online. The article begins on page 20.

Felix in the tabs

Everyone knows I read the Luxembourg "trash mags." Felix and/or Guillaume are featured in every single issue (yes peoples I said every issue) of the tabs in Luxembourg.

Felix der playboy made the recent cover of Privat (there is some female nudity on the cover - just so you're informed before you click). Privat is published by the same company as Promi, but Privat is a little more trashy than Promi. If you are wondering if it's possible to be more "trashy" than Promi then Privat is the definitive yes answer to that question. I don't feel guilty about reading the tabloids and neither should you. If you think I should feel guilty about reading them or posting the "gossip" then you're probably on the wrong blog.

If you are wondering what the cover says it's "Prince Felix: Affair with big consequences" and once you click on that part of the cover and opens to another attention grabbing header that reads "Persistent Rumor in Luxembourg clubs Magnum and V.I.P". I haven't received my copy of this issue yet. Don't worry as soon as I get it I'll be sure to let you know what this rumor about our super sweet and innocent Felix is ;)

You may notice that the picture on the second header of this article is a picture of Felix from the wedding of Princess Xenia Galitzine to Alberto Matta Maya. This is the cropped version of the picture take from the website of Netty. I wonder if Princess Xenia knows her wedding pictures are being used for such scandalous tabloid articles?

A little off topic

I really thought that this was an interesting article. I know, I know it's not Luxembourg related. It is royal related, and I assume that most of the readers here have other royal interests. I rarely venture out of Luxembourg territory (on the blog) and when I do you may have noticed that it is generally Habsbourg related.

It's sad to see that Marie-Antoinette was so misaligned just for trying to more down to earth  - something our GDF is praised for. It's hard to imagine that dress being considered immodest and common.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Princess Marie-Astrid to make final voyage

On November 14 The Princess Marie-Astrid will make her final voyage. This is the fifth Princess Marie-Astrid. I  have saw pictures of Princess Marie-Astrid at the launch of this particular ship in 2000. She had her son Archduke Christoph with her. When he wasn't looking bored he was looking pretty cute. I can't seem to locate the pictures now, hmmm, which is odd because I typically bookmark or save pictures of the family. I'll keep looking for them. If you find them just drop them or a link off in my email and I'll post it.

Why am I mentioning the final voyage of this ship you ask? Well, on 3 April 2010 the newest MS Princess Marie-Astrid will enter the water and their will be a celebration and the vessel will be christened on 10 April 2010. Can you guess who will be present at these events? Princess Marie-Astrid, of course. I suspect there might also be additional family members but Princess Marie-Astrid will surely be present to launch the latest vessel to bear her name.

That's pretty advance notice on a future event. I'm sure you've noticed by now that I really like Princess Marie-Astrid and her family.

Grand Duke and Hereditary Grand Duke commemorate All Souls' Day

Henri and Guillaume were at the crypts of princes and bishops in the cathedral yesterday to mark All Souls' Day. It is traditional that members of the Grand Ducal Family attend this event. They will have visited the royal crypts (princes) and of those of the clergy also entombed there. There is also a Mass of Remembrance and Benediction on this solemn occasion. This will surely be covered on the official website (maybe not today but within a day or two).

If you are unaware of what All Souls' Day is I direct you here and here.

If you're going to post this info over at TRF maybe you could mention where you found it. I'm just saying...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Grand Duke helps celebrate the birthday of the CFL

There is now a picture and note on the official website about The Grand Duke's participation at the academic conference that was held at the Grand Theater to honor the 150th anniversary of rail travel in Luxembourg. I mentioned this event earlier but now there is another picture. 

The Grand Duke holds audience with Dr. Bertrand Piccard

The Grand Duke received in audience at the GDP Dr. Bertrand Piccard. Dr. Piccard is a psychiatrist, aeronaut, lecturer,  and president of the charitable foundation "Winds of Hope."  He is also a roving ambassador for the United Nations. He was in Luxembourg for a conference on  Innovation for sustainable performance. 

It's just my opinion but he sounds like a pretty impressive guy. You know, the kind of guy who has lunches with a Grand Duke. ;) He has his own website which details his apparent awesomeness a little more. 

Here is the website of Winds of Hope. Again, I'm impressed by their mission and success. It's an admirable cause. I warn you in advance if you chose to visit website that the images are graphic and involve children. If you're super sensitive you'll want to skip this part. I just wanted to provide a little info about what this man does.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Grand Duchess sings...

Irene found this video and sent it over to me. Thanks-a-million Irene.

If you watch starting around 8:59 to around 10:17 you will see Maria-Teresa playing guitar and singing. After she sings the commentators evaluate her singing for a few seconds and then they show Papp (aka Henri) and Maria-Teresa playing the piano together.

Cute stuff I thought I'd share it with you all.

Friday, October 30, 2009

You may have noticed...

You may have noticed that a few things have changed here. I changed the colors and layout. I also added the photograph to the header. That is a picture of Luxembourg in case you haven't worked that out on your own. I may alternate pics of Luxembourg and banners featuring photographs of Luxembourg royals. I'm not a professional website builder so be patient with me. I also added a clock with Luxembourg time and a b-day countdown currently set on Guillaume.

I added a links section. This isn't an extensive section of links, but it's not a bad selection either. If you have a favorite to add send it over and I'll drop it in. Most of these links concern Luxembourg royals with some general information sites included.

Grand Duke receives ambassador

On Thursday The Grand Duke accepted the credentials of Elisabeth Simbrão the new ambassador of Angola to Luxembourg, Belgium and The Netherlands. Ambassador Simbrão and The Grand Duke discussed current issues of politics, economics and social problems in Angola.

Grand Duke helps celebrate the birthday of the CFL

This year marks the 150th anniversary of railway travel in Luxembourg. The first lines being opened on 4-5 October 1859. The celebrations have been going on all year. On Thursday the leaders of CFL (Societe Nationale des Chemins de fer Luxembourgeois) held an academic meeting at the theater where they received noted guests including The Grand Duke.  

More information about the year long celebration can be found here.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Grand Duke Jean and family - updated

Grand Duke Jean in the company of his children attended the annual concert remembering Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte. I found pictures on Manuel Dias' website. This event will surely be mentioned later in the day or tomorrow morning on the official website.

There is a video of the event here and includes footage of the family. I cannot begin to tell you all the errors in the video concerning the GD family....the concert was to honor Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte who died in 2005. It was Grand Duchess Charlotte who died in 1985 and was known for her nationalism and exile during the war. In attendance were Grand Duke Jean, widower of Josephine-Charlotte, and her 5 children none her grand children were in attendance.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Photos of Fashion show

Manuel Dias has a gallery of images of the Natan fashion show that was held last week in the presence of the Grand Duchess to benefit the Luxembourg Red Cross.

Prince Robert assists in raising money for charity

Prince Robert has assisted in raising $250,000 for the charity Grapes of Humanity. The funds raised at this particular event will go to The Viola Wheeler Music Program for disabled children and to the Les Climats du Coeur which feeds the hungry in Beaune, France.

For those of you who are unaware of who Prince Robert of Luxembourg is I offer this information. Prince Robert is the only son of the late Prince Charles of Luxembourg and his American wife Joan Douglas Dillion (now Duchess de Mouchy). Prince Charles was the son of Grand Duchess Charlotte and Prince Felix. Therefore, Prince Robert is the nephew of Grand Duke Jean and the first cousin of Grand Duke Henri. He has one sibling, Princess Charlotte of Luxembourg who is now married and living in the UK. He is married to Princess Julie of Nassau (nee Ongaro) and has 3 children all of whom are styled HRH Prince/ss of Nassau. Some of you will recall that that the wife and children of Prince Robert were upgraded to Count/ess of Nassau and later Prince/ss of Nassau at the same time as the family of Prince Jean.

Chateau Haut-Brion

Friday, October 23, 2009

Grand Duke attends Luxembourg Open

Grand Duke Henri attended the second round match between Belgian Yanina Wickmayer against France's Alize Cornet yesterday at the WTA BGL Luxembourg Open tennis tournament, in Kockelscheuer, Luxembourg.

There are more than 100 pages of pictures of the Open on Belga but only 2 pics of Papp that I saw and I admit I didn't look at all 100 pages. 

Translator and stuff

I put a little translator over there ----------->>.

All you have to do is select the language you prefer to read in and presto life is easier. I'm a big fan of "work smarter not harder" so I try to make things as easy as possible for those of you who venture here for your Luxembourg news. I did this because I notice that several readers are having to link here from another site using a translator. This should make things a little easier for you.

Also, I cannot control what videos pop up on the video bar. I can only set key words. So if you're making a video over on youtube for have uploaded something related to the Grand Ducal Family use Prince Felix of Luxembourg instead of just Felix, ect... I changed the words I have been using to receive videos today so that it will filter out some of the unrelated crap and bring in more videos. If you are the owner of a youtube channel that has Luxembourg or royal related videos or if you have a favorite channel send over the name of that channel and I can link it directly so that those videos will rotate in and out of the display.

As usual, if you have questions, comments, concerns, requests, info/pics to add or rants...I'm (usually) listening. If you have something to say and English isn't your preferred language send it over anyway. I'm sure we can babelfish out your meaning or I can have another evil genius give me the Cliffs Notes of it.

Grand Duke to host audience

Papp is hosting an audience with the Prime Minster and Finance Minster of Serbia this afternoon. There is an article here.  At some point in the afternoon we will get the typical single photograph of this on the official website. In expectation of this I'm just going to go ahead and link the area where it will appear.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Photos and Vid from fashion show

Tagblatt has some photos and a video from the Natan fashion show that benefited the Luxembourg Red Cross in the presence of the Grand Duchess.

It is also now mentioned on the official website. 

Wort is also carrying an article with a photo gallery. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Grand Duchess to attend charity fashion show

The Grand Duchess is to attend a fashion show that is set to benefit the Luxembourg Red Cross. Maria-Teressa has been the President of the Luxembourg Red Cross for many years.  The website of the Luxembourg Red Cross carries the information as well as a schedule for the event.

From the information on the Red Cross website the Spring 2010 collection of Natan will be presented. Natan is very popular with royal ladies (I dunno why) including The Grand Duchess. The event will take place in Neumünster Abbey and is in partnership with the Abbey and BNP Paribas Luxembourg (which is a bank). The dinner will be held in the cloister of the Abbey. 

I really wish I had known about this event ahead of time. For the bargain price of 160 Euro readers in the area could have attended this event in the presence of The Grand Duchess. I do apologize.

Just a little FYI, Princess Marie-Astrid has been president of the Luxembourg Youth Red Cross for nearly 40 years.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Guillaume opens Autumn Fair

Guillaume and Minister Jeannot Krecké opened the Autumn Fair (Herbstmesse). Wort has a gallery of pics. and an article. And RTL has a video

The official website has a picture.  Typically, Manuel Dias covers this but he doesn't have any pictures up this time.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some vids from National Day

Many thanks again to Liann for sending over these links. You really are amazing and I think I may love you ;)

This video is of the Te Deum. I warn you in advance that this video is 102 minutes long - yes peoples that is more than an hour. I actually paused the video 44 minutes in to post this blog entry to share it with you all. I am really enjoying it. You really get a feel for what actually goes on during National Day. After watching the video you will see that photographs hardly capture the feeling or the events. The video has commentary during the arrivals of the diplomatic cour and other distinguished guests. When the Grand Ducal Family starts to arrive the feeling changed and they processed into the cathedral and the service (in French mostly) starts. I must say that The Grand Duchess really is much more beautiful in video than she is in pictures. Photographs do not seem to capture her attractiveness nor her sparkle.

I have not finished the video yet but once they arrive there is considerable footage of the family. I am really surprised that Prince Félix seems so uncomfortable and stiff. He always seems so confident and at ease in photographs but now I see that perhaps he isn't really as comfortable with the cameras and attention as it seems. Guillaume, on the other hand, often seems nervous and stiff in photographs and yet he seemed perfectly confident and relaxed during the video footage. Although, none except The Grand Duchess appeared at ease when the camera focused on them for long periods. I pay careful attention to the interactions between the family in the video. I find that their communication with each other is both verbal and physical. They are perfectly comfortable with each other and the affection that exists between them all is obvious, consistent and genuine. I got the distinct impression that everyone definitely knows their place. I am very impressed. This is actually the most video footage I have ever saw of The Family. Normally I only get to see pictures and short clips of them never 20 or more minutes of video like this.

I finished the video now and it was a nice surprise that at the end of it there is footage of The Grand Duchess' recent trip to Africa and there is also an interview with her discussing this. She was very emotional. She has great capacity for empathy. I got the distinct impression that the one interviewer was complaining that her interview was in French not Luxembourgish while the other said she does speak good Luxembourgish. I didn't catch what else was said because I cannot speak enough Luxembourgish to make it all out.

Liann also sent me this link from the military parade which is also part of national day. I haven't gotten to watch it yet but I did peek at it and it also has great footage of the family. The same videos are available in the similar videos section in the right lower section of the page hosting the video for last year. I'll be sure to watch them at some point this weekend.

Thank you again Liann. I agree my mood is already lifted on this cold and dreary autumn day.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Moooooooooooooore state visit stuff - updated

Here's a little gallery on wort that I missed yesterday from the state visit. I love seeing pics of Henri and Guillaume but I have to say I'm almost state visited out for this week. I'm happy to continue posting the links that you send me though.

More pictures.

The official website is again updated with more pictures and the grand dukes speech which is, oddly enough, not in English despite that he spoke it in English.

I'd really love some new Félix info and pics if you want to know what I want for Christmas - I'm just saying.

Henri hottest head of state

I mentioned yesterday that Henri has been ranked among the "Hottest Heads of State." Wort is now actually carrying an article about this. I'm pretty shocked that this even made mainstream news. I mean it's okay for my little blog to make a note of it but on Wort? I guess I'm not the only person with a sense of humor!

It shouldn't surprise anyone that the attractive, eternally young, perfectly groomed and super posh Grand Duke made the list. I know that I'm biased due to my love for The Grand Duchy and especially my affections for the son's of this particular Hot Head of State but I think that Henri should surely be ranked in the top 5 of this list. I concede that the young King of Bhutan should be in the top 5 but otherwise I disagree with a few (but  not all) people ranked above The Grand Duke.

Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla

Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla were in Monaco September 10, 2009 for the second annual award ceremony of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. Here's a little info about the awards and the ceremony. There are some pictures of the regal guests on Belga. I searched Princess Astrid and Prince Lorenz of Belgium attend the Foundation award ceremony in Monaco for the pictures although I did try to link the gallery I found. I'm not sure if it will work. 

This was the same day as the EORTC charity gala which Guillaume and Sibilla also attended. Princess Astrid and Prince Lorenz of Belgium were also in attendance. I didn't see Crown Princess Victoria at the award ceremony though she was at the EORTC gala.

Prince Guillaume was also at the Lycée Athénée à Luxembourg recently and gave a presentation. 

I saw pictures of an event that Prince Jean attended recently but I can't locate them now, and I don't recall what the event was. I was so busy looking for state visit stuff that I was distracted.


I do have to thank Liann, Irene, and Rox for sending over links for info, articles, pics and videos of the state visit.  Danke meine damen! I find your assistance most helpful.

More state visit coverage

RTL has a nice video with some coverage of Henri and Guillaume. Wort has a new article with a few pics. Don't forget to check the usual archives for updated galleries.

Luxembourg ranked #1 nation trying to end world hunger

Luxembourg has been ranked the top nation in the entire world for trying to end world hunger. Action Aid rates 51 nations for their attempts, dedication and outcomes for ending world hunger. I picked up this little tid bit while reading the BBC News. 

Our tiny little Grand Duchy is doing more to end world hunger than any other developed nation! Just another reason to love Luxembourg! I am so proud to be a wannabe be Lëtzebuerger.

President McAleese speaks about Luxembourg and EU

President McAleese spoke of the friendship between Luxembourg and Ireland and her time in Luxembourg in addition to speaking of stronger EU ties.

I didn't summarize the articles because they are in English and aren't super long so it's just easier to read them yourself.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Final day of Irish state visit - updated

Wort is finally carrying an article with pictures on the state visit. I'm disappointed in the delay. Normally Wort is on top of things.

RTL is also now carrying a photo gallery of yesterday's events. RTL also now has video.

Tom Wagner has new photos.

Tageblatt hs a small gallery.

The official website is updated with more pics.

Belga has more pictures.

Also, go and revisit the archives of the press agencys from first day....belga, royal press, ect...for new photos.

An Article on comments by Irish President

There is an article on the state visit which includes comments by President McAleese on Luxembourg.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

State visit from Ireland - updated

The first photos are out of the welcoming ceremony. New photos since this morning

You actually have to search on the belga archives. Just be creative and enter stuff like Luxembourg Ireland state visit or 1st day of Ireland sate visit to Luxembourg. Or settle in to go through a lot of pics and just enter Luxembourg or the names of Henri and Guillaume or the President of Ireland. 

More photos - updated. The Grand Duchess appeared for the lunch but not any other parts of the visit at this point. More photos. 

Official website is updated.

If you search belga for 1st day of Ireland state visit to Luxembourg you can view photos of the gala which Maria-Teresa did not attend. RTL finally has information which is better than Wort which hasn't updated (but will).

Tom Wagner has some photos on his website. I'm sure he will have additional photos posted. He normally has access to state dinners and posts hundreds of photos.

Royal Press Europe has the largest gallery that I've saw (yet). Sadly, their photos are heavily water marked in large form.

I know everyone wants to see pictures/video right away, but we have to keep in mind that the usual sources for pictures (by this I mean sources that have galleries not just one pic) are not going to be updated with full selections of media until later this evening or tomorrow morning. Patience, patience, patience....I  hate waiting too... I'm be bopping around on the web to find latest info.

If  YOU find news, pictures or videos please don't hesitate to send them over to me at luxarazzi@yahoo.com so that we can stay up-to-date. 

Grand Duke makes list

The Grand Duke has made the hottest heads of state list. I found this really amusing and couldn't resist sharing it. Personally, I disagree with his ranking. I feel he should certainly be ranked higher than 7.

Updated info on state visit from Ireland..

I went back and updated the original post on the state visit from Ireland to include new information because it has been linked elsewhere. When photos/video of the event is released I'll do a new entry or multiple new entries.

More photos of Reception for new Legislature...

Manuel Dias now has a full gallery containing 102 photographs from the reception held by The Grand Duke and The Hereditary Grand Duke for the new legislature.

Henri and Guillaume are in all the photographs except the first one which is just the room they hosted the greeting in. They both look picture perfect and posh, as usual.

Reception for the new Legislature

The Grand Duke together with The Hereditary Grand Duke hosted a reception at the GDP for the new government. There were several new faces although most were previously elected. Wort carries an article about the new legislature.

Don't forget tomorrow starts the 2 day state visit from Ireland!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Family Resemblance...

I was having a conversation with a good friend and fellow Lux lover last night over Skype. We were discussing resemblance among royals. We decided that Guillaume and Félix derive their looks from their father's side of the family. Yes, even that lovely dark hair and brown/hazel eyes. We also discussed that Félix and his grand mother Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte look remarkably alike. Archduke Christoph and his great grand father Blessed Karl I look uncannily similar and even Archduke Imre, in profile, is so similar to his great grand mother Queen Astrid of the Belgians that I can't help but notice.

This conversation began because I found a picture of Grand Duchess Charlotte wearing a stunning necklace by Chaumet. I sent this picture over to my friend and we both agreed that in the last 1-2 years Guillaume and Grand Duchess Charlotte's resemblance has grown.

To illustrate this point about Guillaume and his great grand mother Grand Duchess Charlotte I tossed these little collages together. You can also notice the Chaumet necklace on the Grand Duchess. It is the one she is wearing in the top right corner of top collage and in center of the bottom one. If anyone has any pictures of that magnificent jewel on other royal ladies I'd be most interested in seeing them. I've been trying to determine if it is still worn, left the family, or has been modified into a convertible currently worn by Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa.

But, I digress.....I don't really have a ton of pics of Grand Duchess Charlotte so I had to make do with the few I did have but I think you can still see the resemblance? Just give it a click and it will enlarge.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

65 anniversary of freedom and 3 questions commemorated

The Grand Duke in the presence of the Prime Minister and other ministers of government continued the celebrations of Luxembourg's 65 years of freedom from the Nazi regime. There is photo gallery and an article. There should be additional celebrations today and tomorrow.

Particularly, it is being commemorated that 97% of the population of Luxembourg was courageous enough in 1941 to declare themselves Luxembourgish 3 times in response to the questions of nationality, mother tongue, and ethnicity. The German occupiers assumed that Luxembourgers would respond German after their campaign of "Germanification" and thereby incorporate Luxembourg into the Reich. The Nazi regiem clearly underestimated how faithful Luxembourgers are to their nation. After all, the motto is "Mir wëlle bleiwe, wat mir sinn!" Which means "we want to remain such as we are" or "we want to remain what we are" depending on what translation you are reading. 

I am including this youtube video which offers some history of Luxembourg during the war. It's very informative. I found it moving despite that it is only words and music. Additionally, there is more information here at the Battle of the Bulge Museum website.

Blast from the past

I know I have said many times that I love all things related to Luxembourg and it's Grand Ducal Family. I am aware that many of the people who visit my blog are really only interested in Guillaume and Félix and their day to day activities. However, from time to time I find pictures or an article that are interesting and keeps the blog more entertaining that just posting current events, IMHO.

As usual, I welcome input, information and ideas from readers.

I have been a fan of the website of Brigitte Gastel Lloyd since the 1990s. I'm not really as old as that makes me seem, btw. For a long time it seems that her site was down. Now it appears to be back up. It has numerous old photographs of Luxembourg (and other royals). If you click on the name it will open other galleries. I particularly enjoy looking at the older pictures to see the fantastic jewels which may lay hidden away in vaults in Luxembourg. This is the link for the Luxembourg gallery which in turn opens into additional galleries. Some pictures you will have saw and some will be new to you. This is the link to the main royal/aristo page which has a treasure trove of information and photographs. I hope you find it as enjoyable as I have for the past decade or so.

The photo above didn't come from Brigitte's page. I have this picture in my own collection and decided it would make an appropriate photo for this entry on older photographs. I just love baby Guillaume.

Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla at EORTC gala

Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg were present at the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) charity gala held in Monaco.

Also in attendance: Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, Princess Astrid of Belgium, Prince Albert of Monaco, and other "lesser" royals and notable celebrities.

There are several galleries of photographs of this event. WireImage and GettyImages

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Randomly Luxembourgish...

Once in a while a real little gem drops into my e-mail inbox thanks to having set my news alerts to send me info on pretty much anything a person could imagine would ever have to do with Luxembourg or any member of it's perfectly perfect Grand Ducal Family.

This morning this little gem popped into my inbox. It includes some cute commentary on Luxembourg that I fully appreciated being a lover of all things Luxembourg related. It also includes a nice recipe of the national dish of Luxembourg. Even the recipe is peppered with commentary on Luxembourg. I found it interesting and thought I'd share it.

State visit from Ireland next week.....

President McAleese of Ireland and her husband Dr. Martin McAleese will arrive in Luxembourg next Wednesday, 14 October, 2009 for a 2 day state visit. The Luxembourg government has released a a schedule and details of the events.

The visit comes on the invitation of The Grand Duke and The Grand Duchess. The Grand Duke and Hereditary Grand Duke will host a state dinner on Wednesday for President McAleese. Irish press reports that The Grand Duchess will be with The Grand Duke, however, the Luxembourg information indicates that it will be the Hereditary Grand Duke who is present with Henri.

The President will have a busy schedule in addition to the state dinner and welcome reception in front of the GDP. They will attend an attend an academic meeting hosted by the Mayor of Luxembourg City. She will visit St. Willibrord's Monastary in Echternach. She will give a speech on "Ireland in the EU" at Neumunster Abbey. Prime Minister Jean Claude Juncker will host President and Dr. McAleese for lunch and she will round out her visit by giving another speech at Enterprise Ireland. Additionally, President and Dr. McAleese will visit the Irish ex-pat community in Luxembourg. Afterwards there will be a reception at the Grand Theater in Luxembourg City. The visit will be closed similar to it's opening in front of the GDP.

I put the official program in a translator for you.

Hello! mentions Princess Tessy plus new pic

Hello Magazine mentions the new photographs that have been issued to mark the 9th anniversary of Henri's reign as Grand Duke.

They focus on the fact that Tessy has been included. They incorrectly suggest that this is  the first photograph she has been in with the Grand Ducal Family. She's been in plenty of photographs before! I'm actually disappointed that there are more photos of Tessy than even The Grand Duke - who the photos were meant to commemorate.

Hello isn't known for it's accuracy on royal matters. Just last year they repeatedly stated that Archduchess Marie-Christine wore a tiara that belonged to her husband's family when the tiara actually belongs to the Grand Ducal Family. This error is obvious to anyone who follows the family.

I want to point out that from the very beginning Tessy has always been welcomed into the family. At least, this is the appearance on the outside and I'm certain that it is genuine. She has always been included in National Day - very prominently. Just last year she wore the emerald tiara of Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte for the annual National Day ball, and she wasn't even a princess yet. She was included in the family holiday photos that were released in 2007 and 2008. Her wedding to Louis was open to the public and was attended by the entire extended family. The christening of the boys was the same. She has hardly been set aside and hidden away. I don't think that she could have been more included even if she had become a princess upon marriage.

They also mention Tessy's father is a tiler. Well, he's a former tiler. Not long after his daughters elevation into the first family in the land he found a new position.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More pics marking the 9th anniversary

The official website now has a gallery of images featuring several more photographs.

New photos mark the 9th anniversary of The Grand Duke's ascension

Wort carries a small article on the anniversary of the ascension of Grand Duke Henri to the Grand Ducal Throne. They also have a photo gallery which features new family photographs by the photographer Lola Velasco. I don't think they were actually taken this week rather earlier. I expect additional photographs from this series to appear later in the week on the major photo archives. I'll look for them, but if you find them send them on over.

Everyone was looking very good. The Grand Duchess especially looked healthy and young. I'm not sure if the photos are before or after her surgery, but she looked great. Guillaume and Félix looked great, as usual. Henri was the picture of posh. Louis' boys are getting huge!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

More pics from Poland

Liann sent me the pics that I could not locate on polska.lu.....Many thanks once again to Liann! You are my hero!

Henri and Guillaume gave the Order of Merit of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to several Luxembourgers living in Poland and also visited a exhibit of photographs by Luxembourgers in Poland. They also attended a concert while there.

Photos: Polska.lu

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Guillaume at European Court of Human Rights

I mentioned here that Guillaume visited the ECHR earlier this week and posted links to photos. It's now up on the official website with more pics.

New articles, info and pics from Grand Duke and Hereditary Grand Duke visit to Poland.

Remember how I said that Henri and Guillaume were in Poland for the Interfaith Peace Conference that was associated with the anniversary of WWI and the fall of the Berlin Wall???? Then Remember how I found that one little picture.....

Thanks to Liann we now have the pleasure of reading additional articles and looking at more pics! The articles are in Polish. I didn't have to much luck with the Polish to English translators I found, but I know we have visitors who can read Polish and we all enjoy the pics.

The Grand Duke's speech

A private visit to Wadowice which includes pics if you scroll down. Additional article with pics.

There were additional articles but it appears those websites have updated and the links are no longer the same.

Thanks Liann!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Grand Duke hosts audience with Duke of York.

HRH The Grand Duke hosted HRH The Prince Andrew, The Duke of York today in audience at the Grand Ducal Palace (henceforth GDP). Andrew is special representative on trade and investment for the UK. Andrew also visited the Banque Havilland in Kirchberg which is British owned and deals with exclusive customers.

It's just my humble opinion but I think Henri has aged much better than "Randy Andy." Despite being older The Grand Duke looks much younger, IMHO. Henri looked great in his more expensive and better cut suit. Is it just me or does The Grand Duke just ooze "posh?"

Grand Duke and Hereditary Grand Duke host dinner...

Henri and Guillaume hosted an informal dinner at Chateau de Berg for Luxembourgers living abroad. The "plus de photos" link appears broken to me (as of this moment). I'm sure they'll have that fixed later.

Hereditary Grand Duke at European Court of Human rights.

On September 23, 2009 Guillaume visted the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France. This looks to be in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Court, but many details weren't released.

These are some additional photos of Guillaume at the European Court of Human rights. The briefcase makes him look very young, IMHO. He's with a new Aid-de-Camp. I was aware that there are 2 of them now I suppose their are 3 of them.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Grand Duke hikes Wolfsschlucht in "Little Switzerland"

Wort mentioned on Saturday that The Grand Duke went on a hike in the Wolfsschlucht (Wolfs Ravine) area of the Little Switzerland region of The Grand Duchy. He did this on the invitation of Minisers Claude Wiseler and Marco Shank (ministers of development and infrastructures respectively). The purpose of the hike was to honor the 20th anniversary of the creation for Commission to protection the Little Switzerland area.  The area is beautiful and is home to many species of native plants and animals in addition to archaeological sites. 

Henri looked as fit, healthy and young as ever. It was also nice to see his trusty Aide-de-Camp out of his usual uniform and in everyday clothes. They arrived in the #3 Audi A8 (it's license plate is simply a 3) which normally transports Guillaume to his events. I always wonder if that's because Guillaume is number 3 in The Grand Duchy or if it's just the 3rd vehicle in the particular Grand Ducal/diplomatic fleet. I do know there is a very posh Jaguar that carries the license plate as 1 with a crown which I have only saw transport Henri, Maria Teresa and Grand Duke Jean. Maybe I should blog about all the royal cars? I do have some other infos on other cars.

New pic old event...

I mentioned here  about a week or so ago that Guillaume and Henri were in Poland for the Interfaith Peace Conference and for the events of the 70th anniversary of WWI and the 20th of the fall of the Berlin Wall. I finally manged to find a single picture of the event (which means others are out there).

Grand Duke and Hereditary Grand Duke at Court of Justice

Guillaume took part in work shops covering "Access to Justice" and "Quality of Justice" at the Court of Justice of the European Communities (CJCE).

According to the actual press release from the CJCE The Grand Duke was also present with Guillaume at the close of the events which were to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Court of First Instance of the European Communities.

From my understanding of the press release the work shops and the presence of The Grand Duke and Guillaume at the 20th anniversary celebrations were on the same day. However, you will notice that Guillaume is sporting not only a different tie but a totally different suit at each of the events.

I really hope some other pictures of this event surface later today or later in the week. Guillaume looked great!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Grand Duke attends concert...

I know I'm a little late in getting this up, but I had a busy day. 

The Grand Duke attended the concert to mark the 20th anniversary of the SEL (Solistes Européens Luxembourg) in Luxembourg City.