Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Family Resemblance...

I was having a conversation with a good friend and fellow Lux lover last night over Skype. We were discussing resemblance among royals. We decided that Guillaume and Félix derive their looks from their father's side of the family. Yes, even that lovely dark hair and brown/hazel eyes. We also discussed that Félix and his grand mother Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte look remarkably alike. Archduke Christoph and his great grand father Blessed Karl I look uncannily similar and even Archduke Imre, in profile, is so similar to his great grand mother Queen Astrid of the Belgians that I can't help but notice.

This conversation began because I found a picture of Grand Duchess Charlotte wearing a stunning necklace by Chaumet. I sent this picture over to my friend and we both agreed that in the last 1-2 years Guillaume and Grand Duchess Charlotte's resemblance has grown.

To illustrate this point about Guillaume and his great grand mother Grand Duchess Charlotte I tossed these little collages together. You can also notice the Chaumet necklace on the Grand Duchess. It is the one she is wearing in the top right corner of top collage and in center of the bottom one. If anyone has any pictures of that magnificent jewel on other royal ladies I'd be most interested in seeing them. I've been trying to determine if it is still worn, left the family, or has been modified into a convertible currently worn by Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa.

But, I digress.....I don't really have a ton of pics of Grand Duchess Charlotte so I had to make do with the few I did have but I think you can still see the resemblance? Just give it a click and it will enlarge.

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