Monday, October 31, 2011

Grand Duke Receives Head of OIC

Last Friday, Grand Duke Henri welcomed Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu at the Palais. Mr. İhsanoğlu is a Turkish diplomat and academic, and most famously the 9th Secretary-General of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, the second largest international organisation after the United Nations. A picture of the two gentlemen can be found on the official website.

Source: Cour Grand Ducale

Friday, October 28, 2011

Grand Duchess Opens Burundian Photo Exhibition

In today's early evening hours, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa attended the opening of a photo exhibition with the name "Wind of Change" about a project called La Main Tendue initiated by the Fondation du Grand-Duc et la Grand-Duchesse and the Maison Shalom. She also participated in a press conference at the Palais before opening the exhibition.

You might remember that the Grand Duchess visited the East-African country Burundi about two years ago. Struck by the situation of juvenile delinquents, who are often imprisoned for minor crimes such as steeling a goat or an iron at a young age, she (well, her charity) and the Burundian Maison Shalom mounted a program to help the teenagers after being released from jail. Since the start of the program in January last year, 108 young people have received training in technical jobs.

The Grand Duchess also told during the press conference at the Palais about the balance of the Grand Ducal Foundation that they helped 54 persons and families within the Grand Duchy financially during the last year. On RTL's website you can listen to a short snippet of Maria Teresa's speech; and even nicer they also have a video. Manuel Dias has a photo gallery of the event et la cour aussi.

Source: Wort, RTL, Journal

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Meanwhile in Luxembourg

While Grand Duke Henri, Prince Guillaume, Princess Sibilla and Princess Margaretha whiled in Romania, those who stayed at home were equally busy. Both Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and Grand Duke Jean attended events yesterday. It is always especially nice to see the latter one out and about.

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa attended a round-table discussion about the equality of men and women in entrepreneurship held by the Fédération des Femmes Cheffes d’Entreprise du Luxembourg (FFCEL) and the Femmes Leaders Luxembourg (FLL). More pictures of the event can be found on the website of the cour.

In the evening Grand Duke Jean attended a concert by the chamber orchestra from Basel. The annual concert was given in honour of Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte and took place at the Philharmonie de Luxembourg.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Celebrating a Round Birthday in Romania **

Grand Duke Jean wasn't the only former royal head of state who celebrated his 90th birthday this year. The former King of the Romanians Michael, also known as Mihai in Romania, was born in the same year as Luxembourg's former Grand Duke.

King Michael succeeded to the throne at the tender age of six, three years later he became crown prince again when his father was proclaimed king by the Parliament. In 1940, when his father was sent into exile, Michael was crowned King of Romania and remained so until December 1947 when the monarchy was abolished; just to give you a tinily short summary what happened in the first 27 years of the King's life.

There was a string of events to celebrate King Micheal's decadal birthday, among them a speech in parliament. But for us Lux-lovers it isn't as much of an interest as the celebration concert at The National Opera that took place in the evening hours of the 25th of October, which was yesterday in the time zone in which Romania is situated while it is still earlier today for me ;)

A dashing Grand Duke Henri was at hand to celebrate the 90th birthday of the husband of his grandfather's niece (that are royal family relations for you; and only the fastest I could come up with at the moment as I'm sure there are many more...). Meanwhile, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa stayed in the Grand Duchy to attend a workshop / conference about male and female variety in the entrepreneurship.

Instead Henri's youngest brother Prince Guillaume and his lovely wife Sibilla made their way to the Romanian capital Bucharest to celebrate. Also in attendance was the Grand Duke's sister Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein with her sister-in-law Princess Isabelle.

Meanwhile, you can have a look at the following photo agencies to see the other royal guests and the man of honour himself: Getty Images and, for basically the same pictures without watermarks, have a look at Daylife. Belga does have a small gallery as well, hopefully it will be filled with more pictures in the hours to come. A group picture including the Grand Duke as well as a picture of him in the opera next to Queen Sofia can be found here.

Sources: Me, Daylife,, Familia Regala

Celebrating 65 Years Jeunesses Musicales

On sunday evening, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume attended a concert of the Jeunesses Musicales Luxembourg. Since 1946 Jeunesses Musicales tries to get especially children but also teenagers enthusiastic about making music. This year they are celebrating their 65th anniversary in style with various events. On Sunday a concert at the Cercle Municipal.

Present in more the 50 countries, the organisation is the world's largest music-cultural organisation for young people and recognised by the UNESCO. The Jeunesses Musicales Luxembourg is one of the patronages of the Hereditary Grand Duke.

The cour has another picture of the event.

Sources: Cour Grand Ducale, Jeunesses Musicales,, Journal

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Archduchess Marie-Astrid in the United States *

Yesterday evening, a votive mass in honour of Blessed Emperor Karl was held at the St. Mary, Mother of God church in Washington D.C. The 21st of October is the feast day for the beatified last ruler of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and grandfather of Archduke Carl-Christian who attended the mass together with his wife Princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg.

On the very same day exactly one hundred years ago, Emperor Karl married Princess Zita of Bourbon-Parma, the sister-in-law of Grand Duchess Charlotte through her marriage with Zita's brother Prince Félix. After the mass a reception was held during which Archduke Carl-Christian gave a speech.

Earlier today, a talk about "Otto von Habsburg - A Long and Courageous Life at the Service of Europe" took place in the American capital during which Archduke Carl-Christian gave an insight into the life and values of his uncle Archduke Otto who died earlier this year. Carl-Christian helped Otto von Habsburg during his first election campaign for the European Parliament and remained close to this uncle. After the talk another reception was held in which Marie-Astrid participated as well.

A picture of Marie-Astrid and Carl-Christian at the reception after the mass can be found here.

Source: Christendom Restoration Society

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Last Stop Shanghai

We pretty much reached the end of the Economic Mission to China. As mentioned before, the last leg led the Luxembourgish delegation, that includes the Hereditary Grand Duke, to Shanghai where they were busy as always.

You might remember that both Henri and Guillaume have visited the World Expo in Shanghai last year but what to do with a pavilion after the Expo has finished?! Initially it was planned to deconstruct the Luxembourg pavilion to re-erect it in front of two new steelmills of Hunan Valin, a steel producer co-owned by the Luxembourg based ArcelorMittal, who are the largest steel producers in the whole world. I don't know why this plan was abandoned, but earlier this year it was decided that the pavilion would just stay where it is. It is obviously the easiest and the cheapest thing to do, but you can only leave your pavilion if there is someone you can gift it to and Luxembourg has found this someone.

The pavilion is one of six that will stay where they are to host a European-Chinese exchange center for cultural and trading purposes, specifically it will be home to an art exhibition. In his speech the Hereditary Grand Duke stated that the pavilion should be seen as "a gift from the people of Luxembourg to the people of China". The donation agreement was signed by Jeannot Krecké and Dai Jian Min.

Additionally, Guillaume and the rest the delegation also visited the 'Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation – Volkswagen Joint Venture and Parts Production' where they toured the facilities.

Sources: Cour Grand-Ducale, Wort, Tageblatt

New Advisor for the Grand Duke

The Maréchalat de la Cour has annouced the the Grand Duke has a new political advisor. Belgian-born Henri Moutschen has already started his new job on October 17th. Moutschen has worked in different European institutions since 1989. During the last couple of years he was the head of the representation of the European Commission in Luxembourg.

Source: Tageblatt

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More From China

After a not so pleasant start due to a cancelled flight, cancelled events in Hongkong and the first engagements in Shenzhen, the Economic Mission is now right on schedule. The second and third day led the Hereditary Grand Duke, Jeannot Krecké - I'm sure you know by now which ministry he is running - and the rest of the delegation to Chongqing.

Day 2

But before going to the big city in Southwest China, the delegation stayed in Shenzhen for a bit longer to visit the Shenzhen High-Tech Industrial Park (SHIP) I know, I already did write about it in the last post but that was due to a little bit of caption-confusion. To be precise: they visited SHIP on the 18th of this month; at the Park the delegation focused their interest on Mindray. The company is China's largest medical equipment manufacturer and exports their goods to more than 190 countries.

Afterwards, the Hereditary Grand Duke and his companions made their way to Chongqing where Guillaume met with the vice-mayor who you can see in the third picture above; well, at least according to the Cour Grand-Ducale because according to Wort the gentleman next to the world's only Hereditary Grand Duke is Dr. Johnson Li, the governor of the Banan District, Chongqing.

However it was (I tend to believe la cour, the 'why' comes later)... During the meetings it was settled that, in the future, Cargolux - the Cargo airline from Luxembourg - will not only approach the airports in Shanghai and Hongkong but also the one in Chongqing making the city their third destination in the People's Republic of China.

You might not now this but Luxembourg's Findel Airport is europe's 5th busiest airport when it comes to Cargo tonnage; worldwide it ranks on place 28 just between the international airports in Doha and Kuala Lumpur. What looks like a really fancy children's toy on the second picture below, actually is a miniature edition of the local airport which the delegation visited.

Day 3

On the third day of the Economic Mission the delegation stayed in economic center of the Upstream Yangtze area, and met with aforementioned governor of the Banan District in the early morning, and now to the reason why I think that the picture of Guillaume with the other gentleman show the vice-mayor. Your, mine and everyone's favourite Hereditary Grand Duke is wearing a blue tie in the picture;he met the vice-mayor on Tuesday, while he met the governor on Wednesday, but looking at the other pictures Guillaume didn't wear a blue tie on Wednesday... Got it!?

And in case you haven't guessed by now that the visits of the Economic Missions aren't just for fun or because they like to travel to as many places as possible during a as short time as possible, the Lux Ministry for Economy and Foreign Trade announced some promising news. A third Chinese major bank has shown interest in the financial center Luxembourg. According to Wort, the yet unknown bank is either interested in a joint venture or a share deal with a Luxembourgish bank.

A few more pictures of the activities are available on the official website. Unfortunately, it does seem as if the Chinese news agencies aren't too interested in the visit which is a shame in my humble opinion, not only because it means that we get fewer pictures...

Next and last stop: Shanghai.

Sources: Cour Grand-Ducale,, Wort, Chongqing News

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The First Day in China

After a bit of trouble due to a cancelled flight, the Economic Mission that is headed by the Hereditary Grand Duke arrived late but safe in China. They were stuck in Munich for one night because their connecting flight to Hongkong couldn't take place due to technical problems. After getting a Lufthansa survival kit and spending the night in the airport's own five star hotel, the delegation arrived to Hongkong a day late and had to cancel their engagements in the Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. Instead they directly made their way to Shenzhen, a city not far from Hongkong.

In Shenzhen Guillaume, Luxembourg's Minister for Economy and Foreign Trade Jeannot Krecké and the rest of the delegation consisting of many Luxembourgish companies visited the headquarters of Huawei Technologies, the second largest supplier of mobile telecommunications infrastructure equipment in the world. They also visited BYD, a car manufacturer specialising in electrically powered cars; for more information about the very interesting topic please have a look at the Tageblatt article I have dutifully set on (ghetto-) English for you.

More pictures of the activities on day one of the Economic Mission to China can be found on the official website. The above mentioned article by Tageblatt has a picture as well.

Next stop on the Chinese journey will be Chongqing where the delegation will spend the next two days.

Sources: Tageblatt, L'essentiel, Tageblatt, Ministère de L'Economie et du Commerce extérieur,
, Huawei

Monday, October 17, 2011

Grand Duke Watches Tennis Match

Last Saturday the 'BGL BNP Paribas Luxembourg Open' kicked off and a casually dressed Grand Duke Henri was among the spectators for the qualification matches for the women's tennis tournament.

He watched the match between Luxembourg's Claudine Schaul against Andreja Klepac from Slovenia. Sadly for her, Schaul had to withdraw due to an injury.

A few more pictures are available on the tournament's official website.

Source: Tageblatt, BGL BNP Paribas Luxembourg Open

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Grand Duke and Duchess Attend Episcopal Consecration *

So, now Luxembourg has a new archbishop. The Differdange-born Jean-Claude Hollerich was consecrated to become the 8th bishop and 3rd archbishop of the archdiocese of Luxembourg during a three-hour-long mass conducted in Luxembourgish, French, German, English and Japanese. Among the attendees of the church service were Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa.

For those who weren't able to sneak a peak of the episcopal consecration in the Cathédrale Notre-Dame, here are a few links to catch up. A short video and photos are available at; a constantly updated, large gallery of pictures is offered by the Église catholique à Luxembourg in their Picasa photostream; Wort has another gallery of pictures. RTL has an article with pictures about the event, as do most of the Lux newspapers; an immensely large gallery can also be found on, as can be a video. And of course there is the fabulous Manuel Dias on whom we can always rely to have about the best pictures of an event.

Source: Wort

A New Archbishop for Luxembourg *

A few weeks, maybe already months, ago, it was announced that Jean-Claude Hollerich would become the new archbishop of the archdiocese of Luxembourg. This afternoon the episcopal consecration will take place at the Cathédrale Notre-Dame, you know from the yearly Te Deum on National Day and the Oktave, in the presence of the Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess.

The livestream has now started and is available on, just click here and scroll down a bit. Another stream can be found on the website of the Catholic Church in Luxembourg.

Source: RTL

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Guillaume Attends Fair Opening *

Just before taking off to China, the ever busy Guillaume squeezed another event into his packed schedule. Together with Minister Jeannot Krecké and the retiring mayor of Luxembourg Ville Paul Helminger, The Hereditary Grand Duke attended the opening of the Foire d'Autome, Herbstmesse or Hierschtfoire, depending on which of Luxembourg's official languages you prefer; it simply means Autumn Fair for those not fluent in any of them.

The Autumn Fair focuses in the matters of building, renovation and decoration. Guillaume was among thousands of visitors to catch a glimpse of the shown and you can catch glimpses of Guillaume in a photo gallery of the opening offered by Wort. Manuel Dias has many more treasures of Gui having fun at the fair. The cour now features a gallery as well.

Source: Wort

Friday, October 14, 2011

Guillaume Celebrates, Again

After celebrating Delphi's anniversary on Monday, yesterday it was time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Airtech Europe sarl and of course the always handy Hereditary Grand Duke was at hand to do so by touring the manufacturing sites.

Starting out as a rather small company with six employees 20 years ago, the European base of the vacuum bagging, composite tooling and resin infusion processing materials manufacturer and supplier, now employes about 100 persons in Differdange, Luxembourg's south-west.

Source: Le Quotidien

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Maria Teresa at Fashion Show *

Every year the Luxembourgish Red Cross organises a charity fashion show. In the last couple of years famous designers such as the Grand Duchess' favourites Edouard Vermeulen for NATAN and Elie Saab, the latter one also being one of my personal favourites, presented the best of their collections. This year it was the time for French couture house Azzaro and naturally, in her function as president of the Red Cross in Luxembourg, the Grand Duchess attended also this year's show that took place at the Abbaye de Neumünster yesterday evening.

The label Azzaro was founded by Loris Azzaro in 1962 when he moved to Paris. Just a few years later he had huge success both in the world of fashion and in the world of frangrances. His clothes were famous for daring cut outs and ornate beading and was usually worn by the elite French society. A year after Azzaros death, in 2004, fellow French designer Vanessa Seward took over at the head designer.

Well... I can't say whether Maria Teresa is wearing Azzaro for the fashion show, which in my humble opinion is highly likely. But I can only hope that she hasn't bought any other of those dresses, it is, um, interesting to say the least. Madame s'il vous plaît, just stick to our common love Elie Saab, oh, and I won't mind NATAN ever again...

A small gallery of the fashion show can be found at Tageblatt. Another picture is available at, an additional gallery of photos at Le Quotidien and on the official website.

Sources: Croix-Rouge luxembourgeoise, Tageblatt, Wikipedia - Loris Azzaro

Prince Robert to present award...

Prince Robert, as president of the International Wine and Spirits Competition, will present the prestigious Northern Hemisphere Trophy to Peregrine Wines' Central Otago product. Peregrine Wines has received several awards for their Pinot Noir. In 2009, they won the Southern Hemisphere Trophy.

Prince Robert will present the trophy to the Managing Director and co-owner of Peregrine Wines on 16 November at Guild Hall in London. Guests at the glittering award gala will enjoy sampling award winning wines and spirits. The gala will include a five-course dinner paired with sumptuously fine wines and spirits.

The award banquet will be attended by the biggest and brightest stars of the international wine and spirit trade. For those of you who are unaware, Prince Robert of Luxembourg is a respected businessman and a "star" of the global wine trade. His family's Haut-Brion (Domaine Clarence Dillon) wines are among the best in the world. Haut-Brion was the first Premier Cru Classé wine imported to the United States. Thomas Jefferson had cases of it imported for his private use and as gifts to family members. He considered Haut-Brion the very best Bordeaux wine and remained a loyal customer. He served it at Monticello and many White House dinners. 

Sources: Voxy News, Chateau Haut-Brion

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Day of Audiences

Because today was the opening of parliament, Grand Duke Henri welcomed members of the bureau of the Chamber of Deputies at the Grand Ducal Palace. Later on, the Grand Duchess joined him to welcome a delegation of Luxembourgish participants of the 'Special Olympics World Summergames 2011' that took place in Athens earlier this year.

Pictures of both events can be found on the website of the Cour Grand-Ducale.

Right now Grand Duchess Maria Teresa is said to be at the annual charity fashion show of the Luxembourgish Red Cross.

Source: Cour Grand-Ducale

Guillaume and the Bridge...

...Forum Dialogue that is ;)

On October 6th, it was yet another time for our favourite Hereditary Grand Duke to attend a conference organised by The Bridge Forum Dialogue; for information about the forum, the bridge and what it has to do with Guillaume's great grandmother have a look at the post about his last visit to The Bridge Forum Dialogue.

The topic of last week's conference was "Innovation and Competitiveness in Europe". After a speech held by the European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, a question-and-answer-session as well as a reception tool place. Actually, the transcript of Madame Geoghegan-Quinn's speech made be wonder what other Royal Highness was in the room or whether she simply used the majestic plural to address our dear Guillaume...

A small gallery of pictures can be found on the website of la cour.

Source: The Bridge Forum Dialogue, Cour Grand-Ducale

Monday, October 10, 2011

Guillaume Celebrates and Inaugurates ***

Today it was time for the always busy Guillaume to visit the town of Bascharage in Luxembourg's west to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Delphi Automotive Systems. The Luxembourgish site of the US-American company focuses on the design, development and testing of components, sub-systems, and systems related to energy and engine management systems as well as heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems.

Together with Jeannot Krecké - I'm sure that as an avid reader of this blog and follower of the Grand Ducal Family you know who he is - and the Minister of Labour Nicolas Schmit, the Hereditary Grand Duke toured laboratories and testing facilities and later inaugurated a new laboratory area, where fuel pumps are tested for their durability.

Well, we might not have pictures yet but we have something that tends to be even better - a video. Just have a look at this report by the fabulous RTL. And we, finally, also have a picture: Tageblatt has published an article including a photo of Guillaume cutting the ribbon. The official website now has pictures as well, as does Le Quotidien.

Source: Delphi Press Release

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Meeting One's Civic Duties

Today was local election day in the Grand Duchy and Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, Prince Félix, Prince Louis and Princess Tessy were at hand to meet one of their civic duties publicly. While Guillaume and Félix apparently were at a polling station in Luxembourg City, Louis and Tessy definetely cast their vote at the Cultural Center in Colmar-Berg.

Tageblatt has another picture of Tessy and Louis arriving at the polling station. A couple more pictures are available in this gallery by Tageblatt. A few seconds living pictures can be found in RTL's Journal starting at about 0:34.

Source: Wort

Friday, October 7, 2011

Upcoming Travels

Summer is over, it's fall and that means it is again time for Economic Missions and State Visits. This and the upcoming month members of the Grand Ducal Family will be busy collecting frequent flyer miles.

Between October 18th and 21st, the Hereditary Grand Duke will be part of an Economic Mission to China organised by the Ministery of the Economy and Foreign Trade and "Luxembourg for Business." The mission will lead Guillaume and his fellow campaigners to Shanghai and the city of Chongqing in Mid-West China.

In early November, between the 7th and 11th, Grand Duke Henri will lead a combined State Visit and Trade Mission to Vietnam. You might remember that a visit to the Asian country was already planned for earlier this year but it had to be cancelled due to the health scare of the Grand Duke; it actually had been called off once before due to another health problem of Henri last year. The delegation will visit Ho Chi Minh-City; unfortunately, it seems as if the Grand Duchess won't be part of it as she isn't mentioned on the invitation from the Chamber of Commerce.

Finally, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume will visit the United Arab Emirates between 20th and 24th November as part of another Trade Mission. First the mission will lead him to Abu Dhabi where, among other things, a Luxembourgish embassy will be opened, then to Dubai and ultimately to Qatar.

Sources: Luxembourg for Finance - Going International (China, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Grand Duke Welcomes Stéphane Hessel

Today, Grand Duke Henri welcomed French diplomat and writer Stéphane Hessel at the Palais.

Born in Germany, Hessel migrated to France and became a naturalised citizen in 1939. He eventually became part of the French Resistance and was captured by the Gestapo and later deported to concentration camp.

After the war Hessel was involved in editing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which he has advocated ever since. In autumn last year he caused a stir by publishing an essay called "Time For Outrage!". He was on a working visit in the Grand Duchy.

Source: Cour Grand-Ducale

A Solemn Farewell

Yesterday the funeral of Archduke Felix of Austria, who was the fourth child of Blessed Karl of Austria and Empress Zita, a born Princess of Bourbon-Parma, was held at Muri, Switzerland. Archduke Felix, who was named after his maternal uncle Grand Duchess Charlotte's husband Prince Félix of Bourbon-Parma, died about a month ago in Mexico.
May he rest in peace.

Among the mourners at the funeral held at the Swiss monastery where a couple of other Habsburgs have also found their final resting place were Grand Duke Henri, his sister Princess Margaretha and her husband Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein as it is visible on the picture above.

As you can see on this newly uploaded second photo, Archduke Carl-Christian and his lovely Luxembourgish wife Marie-Astrid were also in Muri. Probably a few of their children were there as well.

Source: Tiroler Journal, Aargauer Zeitung

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Grand Duke Commemorates

Today was National Commemoration Day in Luxembourg and, as every year, Grand Duke Henri participated in some of the events marking this day. This morning a church service was held at the Cathédrale Notre-Dame, you probably know from the yearly Te Deum held on National Day.

Thereafter he visited the Monument National de la Solidarité that shall remember the fallen of the Second World War, as well as Luxembourgish resistance and solidarity. At the monument the Grand Duke laid a wreath and relit the eternal flame burning on the Kanounenhiwwel were it is situated.

Pictures of both the mass and the wreath ceremony are available at Wort. More pictures can be found on the official website of the Grand Ducal Family. The always convenient RTL has a video of today's activities.

Source: Wort, Le Quotidien

Prince Robert Honoured

Together with French chef Jacques Pépin, Prince Robert was honoured with a Tribute Dinner at the New York City Wine & Food Festival, yesterday. For the first time in its history, the Festival honoured two individuals for their "immense contributions (...) in the culinary and wine worlds" (from here).

Since 2008 when his mother Joan de Mouchy stepped down, Prince Robert is the president of Domaine Clarence Dillon, a company that owns a couple of Bordeaux wine estates and was named after Clarence Dillon, an American financier. Clarence Dillon was Prince Roberts great-grandfather on his maternal side, Prince Robert's father was Prince Charles of Luxembourg, the fifth child and second son of Grand Duchess Charlotte and Prince Félix.

An extended photo gallery of the guests and the delicious looking food at the event at New York City's Pier 60 is available at the Billy Farrell Agency.

Sources: New York City Wine and Food Festival, Château Haut-Brion, Billy Farell Agency