Friday, October 7, 2011

Upcoming Travels

Summer is over, it's fall and that means it is again time for Economic Missions and State Visits. This and the upcoming month members of the Grand Ducal Family will be busy collecting frequent flyer miles.

Between October 18th and 21st, the Hereditary Grand Duke will be part of an Economic Mission to China organised by the Ministery of the Economy and Foreign Trade and "Luxembourg for Business." The mission will lead Guillaume and his fellow campaigners to Shanghai and the city of Chongqing in Mid-West China.

In early November, between the 7th and 11th, Grand Duke Henri will lead a combined State Visit and Trade Mission to Vietnam. You might remember that a visit to the Asian country was already planned for earlier this year but it had to be cancelled due to the health scare of the Grand Duke; it actually had been called off once before due to another health problem of Henri last year. The delegation will visit Ho Chi Minh-City; unfortunately, it seems as if the Grand Duchess won't be part of it as she isn't mentioned on the invitation from the Chamber of Commerce.

Finally, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume will visit the United Arab Emirates between 20th and 24th November as part of another Trade Mission. First the mission will lead him to Abu Dhabi where, among other things, a Luxembourgish embassy will be opened, then to Dubai and ultimately to Qatar.

Sources: Luxembourg for Finance - Going International (China, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates)

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