Monday, October 10, 2011

Guillaume Celebrates and Inaugurates ***

Today it was time for the always busy Guillaume to visit the town of Bascharage in Luxembourg's west to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Delphi Automotive Systems. The Luxembourgish site of the US-American company focuses on the design, development and testing of components, sub-systems, and systems related to energy and engine management systems as well as heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems.

Together with Jeannot Krecké - I'm sure that as an avid reader of this blog and follower of the Grand Ducal Family you know who he is - and the Minister of Labour Nicolas Schmit, the Hereditary Grand Duke toured laboratories and testing facilities and later inaugurated a new laboratory area, where fuel pumps are tested for their durability.

Well, we might not have pictures yet but we have something that tends to be even better - a video. Just have a look at this report by the fabulous RTL. And we, finally, also have a picture: Tageblatt has published an article including a photo of Guillaume cutting the ribbon. The official website now has pictures as well, as does Le Quotidien.

Source: Delphi Press Release


  1. you're welcome...keep up with the good work this is one of the few blogs i actually read

  2. i haven't seen any pictures but there is a video

  3. Okay, I've been trying for two days to watch the video now, but when I first opened the link (yesterday) the video player told there was an error, and all my refreshings and new openings would not help. Today the site tells me the video doesn't exist, nothing to be found by that (url) name. Is this just me, or do everybody get the same response? I'm getting  a bit frustrating :(