Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Celebrating 65 Years Jeunesses Musicales

On sunday evening, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume attended a concert of the Jeunesses Musicales Luxembourg. Since 1946 Jeunesses Musicales tries to get especially children but also teenagers enthusiastic about making music. This year they are celebrating their 65th anniversary in style with various events. On Sunday a concert at the Cercle Municipal.

Present in more the 50 countries, the organisation is the world's largest music-cultural organisation for young people and recognised by the UNESCO. The Jeunesses Musicales Luxembourg is one of the patronages of the Hereditary Grand Duke.

The cour has another picture of the event.

Sources: Cour Grand Ducale, Jeunesses Musicales, mywort.lu, Journal

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  1. Hello,
    Prince Guillaume has gaved an exclusive interview to the Belgian channel RTL-TVI (for "Place Royale") on occasion on his 30th birthday ! It will be broadcast next Saturday ! In this interview, he has talking about his relationship with a young girl... Maybe he'll gave her name or present her ! And, it's possible her name is Clémentine de Rozières...