Tuesday, March 30, 2010


There is a gallery of photos of the 25 February opening of the IBBL facility in Luxembourg that Guillaume attended.

The official website also added new pics of the mission to the United States. There have been a few more news articles about the visit. I'm sorting through them to filter out repeats of the same article. I'll post an update once I've read them. I thought it would be nice to go ahead and share the pictures.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Guillaume's mission to the US

Guillaume returned from his visit to the United States. A whole week, 3 states, and visits to multiple companies and there is a single photograph and 2 articles. I'm a little disappointed at how little press involvement there was for a visit that was to promote Luxembourg. I guess it can be said that it was to promote Luxembourg within the framework of the specific companies not the larger business community.

I mentioned in an earlier entry that Guillaume and his delegation visited TGen in Carlsbad, California.

They also visited WaferGen in Fremont, California. Luxembourg is heavily involved ($200 million invested) in the development of the biomedical sector. This visit highlighted some of the points related to Luxembourg's goals and those of WaferGen. This is actually an interesting article that mentions Luxembourg's place in this developing industry. It also covers WaferGen's use of their Luxembourg facility and their work at large.

I've yet to find news on the Seattle, San Francisco and Arizona portion of the visit. If you've found some send it over.

The Grand Duchess thanks the President of Burundi

While The Grand Duchess was on her mission to Africa last year she toured a prison in Burundi. I posted the video of this part of her trip and her interview afterward. The Grand Duchess was very visibly moved by the plight of the prisoners. Many of the prisoners are young people and children. Some of the persons were imprisoned on minor charges or charges that were believed to have been false. The condition of the prison was deplorable.

The Grand Duchess had made a personal request to the President of Burundi and to the international community to draw attention to the horrible conditions of the prison particularly where the children were concerned. She had continued her involvement in the call for release and rehabilitation of these individuals.

The President of Burundi has pardoned thousands of prisoners who were being held in these conditions. The Grand Duchess is grateful for this action. 

Friday, March 26, 2010

25 March

On 25 March The Grand Duke, The Grand Duchess and Bopa Jean all had engagements. 

Bopa Jean planted a new tree. In January he was awarded the Präis Hëllef fir d’Natur (I blogged this). He returned the monetary award so that the organization could continue their mission. Bopa looked very healthy and happy.  

The Grand Duke received members of the Luxembourg American Cultural Society. You may recall that Henri and his sons (sans Guillaume) were present at the opening of the new Cultural Center in Wisconsin last year. I wonder how he always gets his ties knotted so perfectly?

The Grand Duchess received in audience participants at the conference "Women and Poverty", organized by the Information Office of the European Parliament in Luxembourg, in cooperation with the National Council of Women Luxembourg. Not a fan of the zippers but glad to see The Grand Duchess healthy and back to work.

Tomorrow also makes the last day of Guillaume's visit to the US. Sadly, little news has trickled out of this visit. *sniffle * sniffle *

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Grand Duke Jean and Prince Guillaume gave awards

Grand Duke Jean and his son Prince Guillaume were on hand to give awards to nearly 100 young adults earlier in the month. The prizes are for young people who have dedicated themselves to a project that benefits society.

Pics from recent events

I mentioned earlier that Guillaume had attended the Bahrain Grand Prix. Finance Minster Luc Frieden was also with him. This visit came mere weeks after they were in Bahrain to promote financial ties between the two nations. Perhaps this is a sign that we will see Guillaume reappearing at locations he has visited on official business this year. I included a picture from their recent official visit to the Middle East.

Revue published a new picture of Guillaume in Bahrain. I thought it would be nice to share it. Thanks, HGD for sending the pics over.

Guillaume, my dear, you looked fantastic in Bahrain. Whatever you're doing please keep doing it.

Revue also published an article with a gallery of pictures of the opening of IBBL. Guillaume is pictured in one of the photographs. Which I have included for your viewing pleasure.

Guillaume in Carlsbad, California

Guillaume, Minister Krecke and their delegation visited the Translational Genomics Research Institute (say that 5 times fast). The facility is located in Carlsbad, California.

During their visit the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) and Integrated Bio Bank Luxembourg (IBBL) announced their strategic partnership.

You may read more about the partnership and the businesses in the news article covering the announcement. The article has been published in numerous sources but the Business Wire piece appears to be the original. There have been no photographs of their visit to the facility released to accompany the article.

You may recall that Guillaume and Minister Krecke were also present at the opening of IBBL's facility in Luxmebourg on 25 February. 

Monday, March 22, 2010

News, updates,pics and randomness...

Today is the birthday of Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa.

Saturday was the anniversary of the wedding of Princess Margaretha of Luxembourg and Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein. There is a thread on the Royal Weddings MB with some nice pictures of their wedding.

On 22 February Guillaume was on hand to give awards at the Kraizbierg Foundation. There is a nice slide show of photographs on the website. I am a huge fan of the work that the Kraizbierg Foundation does. I am always proud to see Guillaume's regular participation in their events.

Thanks, Irene for sending along the update about the Kraizbierg website.

Guillaume is in the United States on official business to promote Luxembourg. I've yet to find a photograph or mention of this in any news. If you find something please send it over. He will hardly have any time for relaxation once he returns to Luxembourg before he is off on the Russian mission. It seems that Guillaume is scheduled to participate in many trips to promote Luxembourg this year.

The Grand Duke is supposed to attend the World Expo in Shanghai later this year. It is very extraordinary that the original Gelle Frau is going to be on display at the Expo. I think I stand with those who think it is risky and unnecessary for the grand golden lady to be on display when a copy would have served the purpose. Luxembourg is missing the Gelle Frau during the peak tourist season this year :(

The new ship Princess Marie-Astrid will enter the water on 3 April and will be christened on 10 April. Of course, Princess Marie-Astrid should be on hand to christen the 5th version of the ship that carries her name. She was 12 years old when she christened the first of these ships. The last was in 2000. The final touches are currently being added to the ship. At the 1993 event she had her super cute young son Archduke Christoph with her. I've attached a picture of this event. He's grown from super cute to smoking hot. Hopefully, my favorite Princess will bring along her 3 very attractive sons. ;)

I think I forgot to mention that 6 February was the wedding anniversary of Princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg and Archduke Carl-Christian of Austria.

Valentine's Day was the anniversary of the wedding of Grand Duke Henri and Maria-Teresa Mestre. The Luxembourg family seems to favor February weddings.

I apologize for not updating so much this past month. I had finals and a death in my family. I've gotten things back in gear.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Guillaume leading delegation to the US

From 20-27 March Guillaume and Minister Jeannot Krecke will be in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Seattle and San Francisco.

The purpose of the visit is to meet with companies that already have a relationship with Luxembourg. The delegation will be highlighting Luxembourg as a location for new businesses. They will also visit with companies that have expressed interest in Luxembourg.

This visit is sandwiched between Guillaume's visit to Bahrain for the Grand Prix and his visit to Russia with Luxembourg for Finance.  It's already been a very busy year for the newly full time Hereditary Grand Duke.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Guillaume attends Bahrain Grand Prix

Today Guillaume attended the Bahrain Grand Prix. The King of Spain was also in attendance in addition to several dozen Bahrain royals.

I have yet to find a picture of Guillaume in attendance. I did find articles mentioning his presence. I'll look around for pictures later this afternoon when I have more time.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Hereditary Grand Duke participates in festivities

On Monday Guillaume was on hand to celebrate the centenary of Lycée Robert Schuman. The festivities were held at the Philharmonie de Luxembourg.

Sadly, there was only one photo of this event. I looked around and couldn't find anything else. Oh Manuel Dias where have you been?

I think it's safe to say that Guillaume is officially working as Hereditary Grand Duke on a full time basis now. The number of events and engagements he undertakes has increased dramatically since he graduated from Angers. Guillaume appears more active than anyone else in the family. I understand, of course, that the Grand Duke has many responsibilities outside of public engagements.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Angela Merkel visits Luxembourg

Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, has paid an official visit to The Grand Duchy. She met with The Grand Duke as part of her visit.

The majority of the visit was spent with Premier Minister Jean-Claude Juncker. Among the items discussed is an agreement for Luxembourg and Germany to cooperate in a wind farm in the North Sea to produce power. I'm deeply concerned for the environment. I am glad to hear of such an initiative.

Wort has an article on the visit between the Chancellor and the Premier Minister. RTL also has a mention of the visit and additional photographs.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Hereditary Grand Duke gives awards

Guillaume has given out awards and promotions to young artisans. I must say I was really disappointed not to find more pictures of this event at the usual places.

I don't know what Guillaume has done to himself recently but wow he's been looking spectacular - gasp! Felix who? Now Guillaume if you just want to send me some pictures of yourself I'll consider it an early birthday present.

P.S. Guillaume everyone should feel free to send updates, news and pictures.........

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess host breakfast

The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess hosted a breakfast buffet at the Grand Ducal Palace. The breakfast was held for the leaders of Luxembourg's diplomatic missions. The breakfast was held in conjunction with the diplomatic conference that is being held this week.

Grand Dukes visit dairy

Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duke Jean visited Luxlait (good stuff I love their products). Luxlait has opened a facility that is among the most modern in Europe. The Grand Ducal Family have close links with the dairy.

Ghetto English of the article. 

The Hereditary Grand Duke to lead Trade Mission to Russia

Guillaume is once again going on a mission for Luxembourg For Finance. Guillaume will be in Moscow and St. Petersburg 12-15 April 2010. Guillaume and Minister Jeannot Krecke (Minister of Economy, Trade and Sport) will lead the mission.

In each city Luxembourg For Finance will host a seminar. These will focus on wealth management and investment funds. The mission is aimed at corporations, industry and treasury offices.

Luxembourg For Finance is teaming up with a local partner in both cities: in Moscow, with MOSFINAGENCY and in St Petersburg, with the international Banking Institute where the event will be open to the student community.

One-on-one meetings between companies will be organised during the course of the mission.

I'll have an eye out for info and pictures when this event rolls around.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hereditary Grand Duke opens I.B.B.L.

On 25 February Guillaume opened the Intergrated Bio Bank Luxembourg. The event was broadcast live over the internet. Unfortunately, the press release with that information wasn't published until the day of the actual event and I am unable to locate the video anywhere online.

There is a brief mention of the event on the official website.

Hereditary Grand Duke hosts audience

The Hereditary Grand Duke hosted those responsible for organizing the 20th anniversary symposium of IRENE (Institut de Recherches et d'Etudes Notariales Européen). The audience was held at the Grand Ducal Palace on 26 February.

interview with Prince Robert

Prince Robert was recently interviewed by decanter.com. He discussed  his business and his family. You may read the interview here. 

Princess Marie-Astrid and family at Te Deum

On 23 February a special Te Deum was held in Belgium at Laeken in honor of deceased members of the Belgian royal family. Many members of the Belgian royal family were present.

Princess Marie-Astrid together with her husband Archduke Carl-Christian were also in attendance. They were accompanied by Archduke Christoph and Archduchess Gabriella (it is possibly Marie-Christine the only picture I saw had a chin and wisp of blond hair). The Archdukes assisted the Princess when she dropped something (her tissue?). It is always disheartening to me that the lovely princess is so rarely used by the Luxembourg family. However, I'm glad that they attend all the Belgian events.

PPE has a gallery of pictures.