Monday, March 29, 2010

Guillaume's mission to the US

Guillaume returned from his visit to the United States. A whole week, 3 states, and visits to multiple companies and there is a single photograph and 2 articles. I'm a little disappointed at how little press involvement there was for a visit that was to promote Luxembourg. I guess it can be said that it was to promote Luxembourg within the framework of the specific companies not the larger business community.

I mentioned in an earlier entry that Guillaume and his delegation visited TGen in Carlsbad, California.

They also visited WaferGen in Fremont, California. Luxembourg is heavily involved ($200 million invested) in the development of the biomedical sector. This visit highlighted some of the points related to Luxembourg's goals and those of WaferGen. This is actually an interesting article that mentions Luxembourg's place in this developing industry. It also covers WaferGen's use of their Luxembourg facility and their work at large.

I've yet to find news on the Seattle, San Francisco and Arizona portion of the visit. If you've found some send it over.

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