Monday, September 25, 2017

The Prince and His Treasures: TV Documentary

Photo: Screenshot 3sat
Yesterday, German TV showed an Austrian documentary about the art collection of the Princely Family. The video is available here. In case you understand German (or simply admire looking at art and architecture), she documentary is a must. Entitled "The Prince and His Treasures: Hans Adam of Liechtenstein", it features interviews with Fürst Hans-Adam II, Hereditary Prince Alois, Prince Constantin and his wife Princess Marie about the family's art collection and other ventures.

The documentary includes many interesting tidbits about the Princely Collection of the House of Liechtenstein. It is revealed how the family managed to smuggle art out of Nazi-occupied Austria (they simply put name tags of lesser known artists on them and the German border guards didn't notice), that they invest 800,000 euros every year into the restoration of art works and that Prince Hans-Adam himself likes to collect bronze statues as they are very easy to keep and don't require specific lighting or temperatures. The documentary also gives a glimpse into the art cellars below Schloss Vaduz - have fun watching it!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Luxarazzi 101: Royal Recycling and Clothes Sharing Vol. 10

Knock, knock - who's there? Our tenth edition of "Royal Recycling and Clothes Sharing". Cause let's face it, if we had [insert family relation here] with walk-in closets full of couture, we wouldn't pass up the chance either to rummage throw them! For previous editions of this series, have a look here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. (Which makes me wonder: At what point should a never-intended-to-be-regular-feature-feature get its own label? I might get on that...)
Turn two into one: Sometimes when I see one of our blog regulars and not-so-regulars turn up in an outfit that I can't help but think I have seen it before, it takes me a few days to realise where it is from. The turquoise gown worn by Princess Margaretha at her niece's recent wedding in Marbella actually takes components from both evening outfits worn by her daughters at the wedding of Prince Georg-Friedrich and Princess Sophie of Prussia in Potsdam in 2011. Princess Astrid wore the dress (that probably originally belongs to her mother) and the golden shawl comes courtesy of Princess Anunciata.
But her daughters aren't the only ones Princess Margaretha likes to share the fashion love with. This is the second time, we have seen her wearing a a jacket/coat previously worn by her sister-in-law Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, who debuted it during an official visit from Russia in 2007. Princess Margaretha wore it to an event in 2013. Either the two ladies share the very same taste in fashion or the Grand Duchess, who often retires outfits for official use after wearing them two or three times, gifts some of her many clothes to the extended family. Because fun fact: The skirt worn by the Grand Duchess has also been worn by Archduchess Marie-Astrid.
Our third clothes sharing moment comes courtesy of Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie, at this year's national day, and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, who wore this purple gown in 2008 for a state visit to Sweden. I have since learned thanks to the fabulous ladies over at UFO No More that this gown is actually by Elie Saab. Hmpf, I think we found the first Saab outfit that I really dislike! Someone call satan to tell him to get on his long johns, cause hell just might freeze over...

Photos: Cour grand-ducale/Zimbio/Tom Wagner/EU/Stig Nielsen/GTRES

Friday, September 22, 2017

Guillaume Attends 11th European Mental Health Congress

Photo: © Charles Caratini / Fondation APEMH / Cour grand-ducale
On the 21st, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume attended the 11th Congress for the European Association for Mental Health in Intellectual Disability. The event was held at the European Convention Center in the Kirchberg area, and it highlighted creative collaboration among those with intellectual disabilities, along with the need for improved access to mental health services. Additionally, the Congress aimed to focus mental health care more on the individual and the unique needs of each person.

Following the session, the Hereditary Grand Duke visited with participants.

Another photo at the Cour website.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Grand Duke Henri Receives Five Ambassadors

Photo: Grand Duke Henri with Abu Sufian Bin Haji Ali of Brunei
© Cour grand-ducale / tous droits réservés

On the 21st, Grand Duke Henri received in audience five new ambassadors: Abu Sufian Bin Haji Ali of Nation of Brunei; Gaitri Issar Kumar of the Republic of India; Gonzalo Gutierrez Reinel of the Republic of Peru; Henricus Mauritius Stephanus Schaapveld of the Kingdom of the Netherlands; and Christian Fotsch, of the Swiss Confederation.

As is standard, the audiences occurred at the Palais grand-ducal, where the Grand Duke also received the letters of credence (lettres de créance) from the ambassadors.

UPDATE: The full series of photos now available from the Cour website.

Alois Welcomes Secondary School Graduates

Photo: Close up / Roland Korner / Volksblatt /
Hereditary Prince Alois welcomed a group of 44 secondary school graduates, who recently completed their Matura, at Schloss Vaduz. The reception honored the graduates from Mühleholz, a town south of Schaan, and Alois spoke words of congratulations on educational achievements and encouragement for future pursuits at the university level.

A little more from Volksblatt.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Nikolaus and Margaretha Visit Bergamo

Photo Bergamo Sera
Prince Nikolaus and Princess Margaretha are making the rounds as of late. After a visit to Slovenia last month, they are currently in Italy for an "institutional and cultural visit". In Bergamo in the northern part of the country, they were welcomed by the president of the province Matteo Rossi and several other dignitaries earlier today. The couple was invited to Lombardy by the Centro studi Valle Imagna (Csvi) in collaboration with the community of Imagna valley and local economic organisations. 

"We long had connections to the countries on the other side of the Alps due to the emigration from Bergamo and the many thousands of workers and their families that have left in the past. With the invitation we wanted to make a testimony of gratitude and reiterate the important European tradition that unites us", explained Antonio Carminati, the head of the study centre. It was also Prince Nikolaus who helped establishing a priest from Bergamo in Schaan, Liechtenstein, to help immigrant families.

More information at Bergamo Sera.

Grand Duke Henri in Peru for IOC Duties

Photo: Greg Martin / IOC / Flickr
On the 13th, Grand Duke Henri was in Lima, Peru, where he attended the 131st IOC session and Annual General Meeting. During the course of the session, Paris was awarded the 2024 Summer Olympics, and Los Angeles was awarded the 2028 Summer Olympics. (Both were the sole candidate cities for each year.) Additionally, there were eight new IOC members elected during this session.  A little more information about the session from Wort.

UPDATE: It's been confirmed that Princess Nora was also in attendance, as a member of the IOC. Also, we've added the photos that have been made available from here and here.

Photo: Greg Martin / IOC / Flickr

Grand Duchess Visits Micro-Entreprises

Photo: Cour grand-ducale
Today, the Grand Duchess visited two companies that have been founded with the help of the Fondation des Universitaires en Sciences économiques (FUSE). As per the cour, these two initiatives reflect the striving of small and very small entrepreneurs in Luxembourg. In the south of the country, in Pétange, Sandrine Multari opened a hair salon (Aux Anges de Pétange) with very little means and thus revived local commerce. In the Gare district in Luxembourg, Cédric Feyereisen opened a vegan restaurant (Oakbistro) which has become a prominent address. Grand Duchess Maria Teresa made the visits in advance of the Journées du micro-entrepreneur on October 13 and 14, organised by the Fondation des Universitaires en Sciences économiques (FUSE) in collaboration with the Fondation du Grand-Duc et de la Grand-Duchesse.

Both more pictures and information are available at the cour.

Grand Duke Meets Commissioner for Human Rights

Photo: Cour grand-ducale
Earlier today, Grand Duke Henri received Nils Muižnieks at the palais grand-ducal for an audience. The Latvian-American human rights activist and political scientist  has been serving as the Council of Europe's Commissioner for Human Rights since April 2012. The Council of Europe, which compromises of 47 member states, is an international organisation whose stated aim is to uphold human rights, democracy, rule of law in Europe and promote European culture. Mr Muižnieks was on a working visit to Luxembourg today.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Grand Duke Visits European Central Bank

Photo: Cour grand-ducale / Luxpress
Today, Grand Duke Henri made his way to the German town of Frankfurt to visit the European Central Bank (ECB). He was welcomed by its President Mario Draghi in the presence of Yves Mersch, Member of the Executive Board of the ECB, and Gaston Reinesch, governor of the Central Bank of Luxembourg. The Grand Duke also met with several more key officials of the ECB discussing the prospects for the revival of the European idea and the workings of the ECB in the framework of its tasks set in various treaties. Grand Duke Henri also learned how money is made, visited the new visitor centre and attended a reception in the presence of members of the "Luxembourg-Frankfurt Financial Professionals".

More photos and information at the cour.

Prince Louis Attends Table Tennis Championships

Photo: FLTT / Cour grand-ducale
On the 17th, Prince Louis was present for the Ladies' Final and the Men's Final of the Liebherr 2017 ITTF European Table Tennis Championships, which were held in Luxembourg between the 13th and the 17th. This year's event brought more than 600 players from nearly 40 countries together at d’Coque. The Secretary of State for the Economy, Francine Closener, was also in attendance. The Prince handed out the championship cups following the finals.

More photos at the Cour website.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Guillaume and Stéphanie Honor Friends of the Museums

Photo: Guy Jallay / Luxemburger Wort /
On the 16th, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie attended a celebration of 40 years of Amis des Musées d'Art et d'Histoire Luxembourg (Friends of the Museums of Art and History Luxembourg). The event was held at Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'Art Contemporain, in Luxembourg City, with Amis des Musées President Florence Reckinger there to welcome the guests and thank them for their attendance and support. Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie is a patron of Amis des Musées d'Art et d'Histoire Luxembourg.

Prime Minister Xavier Bettel was also in attendance, as was Lydie Polfer, the Mayor of Luxembourg City.

More photos of the event at Wort and information at the Cour website.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume Attends Academic Session

Photo: Lex Kleren / Luxemburger Wort /
On the 15th, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume was in the area of Windhof, near Koerich, to attend an academic session honoring the 50th anniversary of Morgan Advanced Materials in Luxembourg. The Hereditary Grand Duke also toured the factory which specializes in custom carbon parts and employs 70 people. The Secretary of State for Economy, Francine Closener, and the President of FEDIL (Federation Des Industriels Luxembourgeois), Nicolas Buck, accompanied Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume.

Some more photos from Wort.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Luxarazzi 101: Marie-Adélaïde of Luxembourg, Countess Henckel of Donnersmarck

In the last of our series of biographies on the children of Grand Duchess Charlotte and Prince Felix, we will be covering the life of Marie-Adélaïde, the third child and second daughter. Marie-Adélaïde Louise Therese Wilhelmine was born on May 21, 1924, at Château de Berg. Marie-Adélaïde was named in honor of her aunt, the former Grand Duchess Marie-Adélaïde, who had died four months before her niece's birth. The little princess was baptized five days after she was born, with her maternal grandmother Dowager Grand Duchess Maria Ana serving as godmother. Her godfather was Louis of Bourbon-Parma, a younger brother of Prince Felix.

Marie-Adélaïde (far right) as a child
with her family
Marie-Adélaïde's childhood was spent mostly at Château de Berg. Her life during this time was largely stable and happy, being educated by private tutors alongside her siblings. Marie-Adélaïde later attended a boarding school in Brussels with her sister Elisabeth and brother Charles.

Shortly before Marie-Adélaïde's 16th birthday, she was spending time with her aunt Zita, the former Austrian Empress, at the latter's home of Château de Ham in Steenokkerzeel, Belgium. Zita's 48th birthday celebration was held on May 9, 1940, at the castle. She and her nine children lived close to the school attended by Marie-Adélaïde, Elisabeth, and Charles. The following day the country was invaded by German troops. After meeting up with her parents, grandmother, and remaining siblings, Marie-Adélaïde fled Belgium via motorcade through France, Spain, and finally Portugal.

During the family's flight to Portugal, Prince Felix had requested temporary asylum in the United States from President Roosevelt. The President agreed due to the seriousness of the situation, the good relationship between the two countries, and the fact that the Grand Ducal Family included several children. However, because the United States was still a neutral country in 1940, the family would only be allowed to stay for a limited time.

Marie-Adélaïde and her family spent a few weeks in the United States before making a more permanent home in Montreal, Québec, Canada. As she and her siblings were not fully fluent in English, their education would need to continue in their native French, the official language of this part of Canada. All six of the grand ducal children were enrolled in school further north in Quebec City - Jean at Laval University, Charles at the Jesuit College, and Marie-Adélaïde and her sisters at the Collège Jesus-Marie de Sillery, a girls' school associated with Laval. The girls lived with their aunt Zita and her family while attending school. Along with her sister Elisabeth, Marie-Adélaïde completed high school while living in Quebec.

Marie-Adélaïde as a young woman
While living in Canada, Marie-Adélaïde appeared periodically in public. She accompanied her sister Elisabeth to the Women's National Exhibition of Arts and Industries in New York in October 1941, where the two were guests of honor at a party associated with the Luxembourg exhibit.  

Marie-Adélaïde lived in Quebec for two years. Meanwhile, Grand Duchess Charlotte had established herself and the Luxembourg government-in-exile in Britain, where the rest of the family joined her. Marie-Adélaïde attended the Convent of the Sacred Heart School (now known as the Woldingham School) in Roehampton along with her sister Elisabeth.

While in Britain, Marie-Adélaïde and her siblings became involved in activities with the British Red Cross. She also served with her sister Elisabeth as a member of the Mechanised Transport Corps (MTC), a women's group whose members served as ambulance drivers and as chauffeurs for official government business both in Britain and in combat areas around the world. In preparation for her role in the MTC Marie-Adélaïde learned the basics of map reading, vehicle maintenance, and some first aid training.

Marie-Adélaïde returned to Luxembourg with her family on April 17, 1945, just a few weeks before her 21st birthday. Marie-Adélaïde, along with her siblings Elisabeth, Marie-Gabrielle, and Charles, entered the Grand Duchy driving in a convoy of ambulances and trucks donated to the country by the British Red Cross. The convoy carried medical supplies, food, and other basics desperately needed by the citizens of Luxembourg who welcomed the family home with open arms.

Later that year, Marie-Adélaïde began serving as a patron of the Harmonie Grand Ducale Marie-Adélaïde, a musical group which formed at the beginning of the reign of Grand Duchess Marie-Adélaïde in 1912. The younger Marie-Adélaïde continued her support of the group for many years, well into her marriage and departure from the Grand Duchy.

Marie-Adélaïde and Carl Josef
at the time of their engagement
Marie-Adélaïde's love life became a hot topic in the press during the early 1950s. A rumor circulated in 1950 that Marie-Adélaïde had fallen for a young American GI. A 1952 vacation in France with the Belgian royals prompted talk of an engagement between Marie-Adélaïde and the young King Baudouin of Belgium. Although the two families were indeed close, Marie-Adélaïde was several years older than Baudouin, making a marriage unlikely.

During the 1950s, Marie-Adélaïde attended a variety of events within and associated with the Grand Duchy. She was present during Margaret Truman's 1951 visit to Luxembourg when Margaret was a guest of then-American ambassador Perle Mesta. Marie-Adélaïde was also present at the 1953 ceremonial unveiling of the statue of Grand Duke Adolph, her great-grandfather. She studied for a time in Paris during the 1950s as well. In 1956, Marie-Adélaïde served as a godmother to Maria-Esméralda of Belgium, the daughter of Leopold III, former King of Belgium, and his second wife Liliane Baels. Marie-Esmeralda carries the name Adelaide as one of her christening names in honor of her godmother.

Marie-Adélaïde was the last of the grand ducal daughters to marry. Her engagement to Count Carl Josef Henckel of Donnersmarck was announced on December 17, 1957. Carl Josef was part of a family known for its staggering wealth made through mining and another branch of the famiyl was actually given the title of Prince by the German Kaiser. Marie-Adélaïde was 33 at the time of the announcement and her groom 29. A wedding date was not publicly known at the time, but was expected to take place in the spring of 1958. 

Marie-Adélaïde and Carl Josef
before their religious wedding
On April 10, 1958, the couple married in Luxembourg City. As required by law, the couple married first in a civil ceremony held that morning at the Grand Ducal Palace. The religious service was held later in the day at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Luxembourg City. Several of Marie-Adélaïde's nieces and nephews - Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg, Wauthier de Ligne, and Monica of Holstein-Ledreborg - served as child attendants at the wedding. In a newspaper report of the event, Marie-Adélaïde's vows were said to have been "drowned out" by the music of the Radio Luxembourg Symphony Orchestra, the church organ, and the choir.

The new couple made their home at Schloss Wolfsberg in Carinthia, an area in southeastern Austria, and later in Switzerland. Marie-Adélaïde and Carl Josef were parents to four children:

- Andreas (1959-)
- Felix (1960-2007)
- Heinrich (1961-)
- Charlotte (1965-)

All four children were born in Luxembourg - Andreas and Felix at Château de Berg, Heinrich at the Grand Ducal Palace, and Charlotte at Château de Fischbach. Two of the children later married into the noble Houses of Meran and Hohenberg.

Marie-Adélaïde died on February 28, 2007, in Carinthia. Her death was the first among the children of Grand Duchess Charlotte since Charles' death in 1977. Her funeral was held on March 9 at Wolfsberg, where she is buried in the family crypt. Her funeral was attended by the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess, along with Grand Duke Jean. Eight months to the day after her death, Marie-Adélaïde's son Felix died of lung cancer.

Karl Josef married again on December 21, 2007, to Claire Barclay-Hoess. He died on April 16, 2008, in Malta, four months into his second marriage. Marie-Adélaïde has eight grandchildren, one of whom has been born since her death. Her eldest granddaughter Laura carries Marie-Adélaïde as two of her middle names in honor of her grandmother. Marie-Adélaïde's children and grandchildren are seen occasionally at Grand Ducal Family events.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Prince Louis Attends Table Tennis Championships

Photo: Claude Sibenaler / Cour grand-ducale
On the 6th, Prince Louis was present at the Liebherr 2017 ITTF European Table Tennis Championships, which were held in Luxembourg at d'Coque. Prince Louis is the president of the Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Tennis de Table. He met with the Luxembourg teams, and he and Minister of Sports Etienne Schneider shared a game with the players.

Photo: Claude Sibenaler / Cour grand-ducale
More photos at the Cour.

Grand Duke Celebrates Tennis Club

Photo: Alain Rischard / Editpress /
Aujourd'hui, the Grand Duke was on hand to celebrate the 50th anniversary of tennis club Spora. The club from the north of Luxembourg city was founded in 1967 and is home to players such as current world number 23 and Wimbledon quarter finalist Gilles Muller and former top 100 player Mandy Minella, who is currently on a baby break. 

Lots of lovely photos from the event at Tageblatt.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Maria Teresa Hosts Red Cross Reception

Photo: © Croix-Rouge / Olivier Minaire / tous droits réservés
On the 7th, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa hosted a reception for the Luxembourg Red Cross at the Palais grand-ducal to honor noteworthy volunteers. These women are part of the annual event in April, during which 2000 volunteers go throughout the country to assist those in need. This particular reception highlighted the work of 77 volunteers (55 women and 22 men) who have been working for the Luxembourg Red Cross for 30 years or more.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Official Wedding Pictures of Princess Marie-Gabrielle of Nassau and Antonius Willms

All photos: Pedro Bellido
If you haven't been living under a rock for the past week where access to our little place was somehow not possible, you probably have already heard that Princess Marie-Gabrielle, oldest child and only daughter of Prince Jean and his former wife Hélène Vestur, married Antonius Willms last weekend. 
Relive our wedding coverage including an extensive guest list and fashion identifications right here. To round off our wedding coverage, here are some official pictures of the wedding, including a family picture of the bridal couple, their parents, brothers(-in-law) and sisters(-in-law), their nieces and the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess.
Princess Marie-Gabrielle wore a stunning wedding gown by Spanish designer Lorenzo Caprile with 5000 flowers and 10000 Swarovski crystals on the train. She anchored her veil with the Grand Duchess Adelaide Tiara making it a new wedding tiara for the Grand Ducal Family. In addition to the previous fashion identifcations, we can also tell you that the flower children's dresses were made by Spaish brand Labubé.
And with that, we wish the lovely couple a wonderful honeymoon and a lifetime of happiness together! 

Fashion Friday: Wedding Edition

This is our first Fashion Friday post after the Grand Ducal Family's holidays and it is a wedding edition! This past Saturday, Princess Marie-Gabrielle of Nassau and Antonius Willms's religious wedding took place in Spain with many royal guests in attendance. A day prior to the big day, the guests attended the pre-wedding party. Here is what I could identify.

Princess Marie-Gabrielle of Nassau wore a custom made Pedro del Hierro dress at the party.
Photo: GTRES
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa wore a printed maxi dress to this party. Sadly, I don't have any information about it but it certainly was an interesting outfit for Maria Teresa!
Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie wore the print jumpsuit she first wore in Cannes with her favorite Castaner wedges.
Photo: GTRES

Photo: Castaner
Princess Claire wore a yellow Self-Portrait dress with her yellow Bottega Veneta clutch. I believe her shoes are from Castaner but haven't found the right model yet.
Photo: GTRES

Photo: net-a-porter

Photo: Bottega Veneta
Sadly, we don't have any good photos of Princess Alexandra at the party.

On September 2nd, the religious wedding took place in Marbella

Princess Marie-Gabrielle of Nassau wore a stunning wedding gown by Spanish designer Lorenzo Caprile with 5000 flowers and 10000 Swarovski crystals on the train. Princess Marie-Gabrielle said to Hola that she would also wore a gown by Roberto Diz for the wedding dinner and following party but we don't have any photos of this gown.
Photo: GTRES

Photo: GTRES
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa wore a gown she has already worn twice before , unfortunately I don't have any information about it.
Photo: GTRES
Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie wore a new Emilio Pucci gown with matching bag and shoes. I believe her clutch is by Natan (see similar model pictured) and that the shoes could be from her favorite brand, Sergio Rossi.
Photo: GTRES

Photo: saksfifthavenue

Photo: Natan

Photo: lyst
Princess Claire wore a beautiful light blue beaded Jenny Packham gown. I don't have any information about her bag but I'm still looking for it.
Photo: GTRES


Princess Maria-Anunciata wore a red ruffled Emilio Pucci gown with Prada black and purple suede shoes.
Photo: GTRES
Photo: net-a-porter
Photo: yoox
Princess Marie-Astrid wore a Self-Portrait blue floral portrait dress with blue shoes that I couldn't identify yet.
Photo: GTRES

Photo: Self-Portrait
As always, I'm still working on the outfits of the other guests we want to cover here so I will update the post is I can find anything else. If you do have any ideas or identification for some of the guests, don't hesitate to share! What did you think of the guests's outfits during this weekend?

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Grand Duke and Prince Louis Attend LCM Conference

Photo: Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)
Yesterday, Grand Duke Henri and Prince Louis attended the 8th International Conference on Life Cycle Management, which currently takes place in the Grand Duchy. The topic of this year's conference, which was attended by some 600 delegates from 40 countries, is "Designing sustainable technologies, products and policies: from science to innovation". It was organised by the Luxemburg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) in collaboration with the University of Luxembourg and ArcelorMittal.

A little more information from the cour.