Sunday, September 24, 2017

Luxarazzi 101: Royal Recycling and Clothes Sharing Vol. 10

Knock, knock - who's there? Our tenth edition of "Royal Recycling and Clothes Sharing". Cause let's face it, if we had [insert family relation here] with walk-in closets full of couture, we wouldn't pass up the chance either to rummage throw them! For previous editions of this series, have a look here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. (Which makes me wonder: At what point should a never-intended-to-be-regular-feature-feature get its own label? I might get on that...)
Turn two into one: Sometimes when I see one of our blog regulars and not-so-regulars turn up in an outfit that I can't help but think I have seen it before, it takes me a few days to realise where it is from. The turquoise gown worn by Princess Margaretha at her niece's recent wedding in Marbella actually takes components from both evening outfits worn by her daughters at the wedding of Prince Georg-Friedrich and Princess Sophie of Prussia in Potsdam in 2011. Princess Astrid wore the dress (that probably originally belongs to her mother) and the golden shawl comes courtesy of Princess Anunciata.
But her daughters aren't the only ones Princess Margaretha likes to share the fashion love with. This is the second time, we have seen her wearing a a jacket/coat previously worn by her sister-in-law Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, who debuted it during an official visit from Russia in 2007. Princess Margaretha wore it to an event in 2013. Either the two ladies share the very same taste in fashion or the Grand Duchess, who often retires outfits for official use after wearing them two or three times, gifts some of her many clothes to the extended family. Because fun fact: The skirt worn by the Grand Duchess has also been worn by Archduchess Marie-Astrid.
Our third clothes sharing moment comes courtesy of Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie, at this year's national day, and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, who wore this purple gown in 2008 for a state visit to Sweden. I have since learned thanks to the fabulous ladies over at UFO No More that this gown is actually by Elie Saab. Hmpf, I think we found the first Saab outfit that I really dislike! Someone call satan to tell him to get on his long johns, cause hell just might freeze over...

Photos: Cour grand-ducale/Zimbio/Tom Wagner/EU/Stig Nielsen/GTRES

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