Saturday, May 13, 2017

Guillaume and Stéphanie Visit Venice for Biennale

Continuing their commitment to Luxembourgish arts and crafts, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie made their way to Venice for the 57th Biennale, the famous contemporary visual art exhibition, yesterday. Accompanied by Guy Arendt, Secretary of State for Culture, the grand ducal duo visited the pavilions of Luxembourg, Belgium and Scotland. To round off their visit, the Hereditary Grand Duke and Hereditary Grand Duchess also visited the official exhibition "Viva Arte Viva" earlier today.

At this year's Biennale, the Grand Duchy is represented by Mike Bourscheid with his body of work titled ‘Thank you so much for the flowers’. Bourscheid’s practice includes the use of performance and sculpture to intertwine and connect the stereotypes of what are perceived to be masculine and feminine labour. The Belgium pavilion shows the work of Dirk Braeckman and the Scottish pavilion art by Rachel Maclean.

General random royal fact of the day: Did you know that the famous Biennale was introduced by a resolution of Venice's city council 1893 proposing the founding of a "biennial national artistic exhibition" to take place in the following year to celebrate the silver anniversary of King Umberto and Margherita of Savoy?! Also: Photos of Guillaume and Stéphane venturing through Venice at Tageblatt.

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