Friday, May 12, 2017

Hereditary Princess Attends Red Cross General Assembly

Photo: Volksblatt /
On May 11th, Hereditary Princess Sophie was in attendance in her role as President for the General Assembly of the Liechtenstein Red Cross (LRK). Princess Marie was also there, as the Honorary President, although there aren't yet any photos of her at the event.

The LRK has embraced a new focus, "Menschen.Retten.Leben," with an increased online presence and plans for a more active Facebook page. In her opening speech, Sophie mentioned the need to expand opportunities for outreach and to continue raising awareness about the work that the LRK does. There was also discussion about the plans for the new building to be completed in 2020, which reflects the increasing need for the LRK's work throughout Liechtenstein.

More information from Volksblatt.

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