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Fashion Friday : April 29 - May 12

We have a very busy fashion friday post today! The Lux Ladies attended a lot of events these past two weeks and I have been able to identify more of their clothes than usual!

On April 30th, Henri, Maria-Teresa, Guillaume and Stéphanie were in the Netherlands to celebrate King Willem-Alexander's 50th birthday.

I think Maria-Teresa might have been wearing the Natan outfit she wore to Guillaume and Stéphanie's wedding but I'm not sure.

© SIP / Nicolas Bouvy / tous droits réservés
Stephanie wore her yellow Massimo Dutti jacket, which she first wore during the US economic mission a few weeks ago and that I identified this week.

On May 3rd, Maria-Teresa held an audience wearing her old Weill coat. I think her necklace is from Marni but I don't have confirmation. She then attended a diplomatic reception with Henri. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about her outfit.

© Cour grand-ducale / Claude Piscitelli / Tous droits réservés


From May 3rd to May 5th, Guillaume and Stéphanie were in Paris for the 'Revelation' exhibit at the Grand Palais. On May 3rd, Stephanie wore an old coat, with Paule Ka dress, shoes and clutch. You can see the dress better in this interview they gave to Place Royale.

© PhotoProEvent / Geoffroy Lasne / tous droits réservés



On May 5th, for a reception, Stephanie wore a new Tara Jarmon red dress with a new coat that I wasn't able to identify.

Photo: © Henri Tullio / tous droits réservés
On May 9th, celebrations for King Harald and Queen Sonja's 80th birthdays started in Oslo. Henri, Maria-Teresa, Guillaume and Stephanie were there. For the gala dinner, Maria-Teresa wore an old YSL coat from the Spring 2001 couture collection. Fun fact: she first wore that coat at Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway's wedding. (The photo won't embed, but it's available at the earlier Luxarazzi post.)

Stephanie wore a new gown that I wasn't able to identify but I can tell she wore her white Sergio Rossi peep-toes shoes.


The celebrations continued on May 10th with a cruise and a dinner hosted by the Norwegian government. For the cruise, both Maria-Teresa and Stephanie wore old outfits. Maria-Teresa's bag is by Caroline Dechamby (ID from Update May 17th: Stephanie's clutch is the Amber clutch by Sophie Habsburg ( with thanks to Sarah).

For the dinner, Maria-Teresa wore an old green gown first worn during the National Day in Gala in 2015.
Stephanie wore a new blue gown by Paule Ka.


On May 11th, the Duchess of Cambridge made a visit to Luxembourg! She was with Stephanie during most of the visit. She then met Henri, Maria-Teresa and Alexandra at the Palace.

Luxemburger Wort /
Maria-Teresa and Alexandra both wore old outfits but Stéphanie wore a new outfit. She wore a dress by Paule Ka and Sergio Rossi shoes. I have no info about her clutch so far but I'm still looking for it!

Luxemburger Wort /

As always, the next fashion friday post will be in two weeks, with hopefully info about Stephanie's outfits in Venice.

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