Friday, March 26, 2010

25 March

On 25 March The Grand Duke, The Grand Duchess and Bopa Jean all had engagements. 

Bopa Jean planted a new tree. In January he was awarded the Präis Hëllef fir d’Natur (I blogged this). He returned the monetary award so that the organization could continue their mission. Bopa looked very healthy and happy.  

The Grand Duke received members of the Luxembourg American Cultural Society. You may recall that Henri and his sons (sans Guillaume) were present at the opening of the new Cultural Center in Wisconsin last year. I wonder how he always gets his ties knotted so perfectly?

The Grand Duchess received in audience participants at the conference "Women and Poverty", organized by the Information Office of the European Parliament in Luxembourg, in cooperation with the National Council of Women Luxembourg. Not a fan of the zippers but glad to see The Grand Duchess healthy and back to work.

Tomorrow also makes the last day of Guillaume's visit to the US. Sadly, little news has trickled out of this visit. *sniffle * sniffle *

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