Monday, March 29, 2010

The Grand Duchess thanks the President of Burundi

While The Grand Duchess was on her mission to Africa last year she toured a prison in Burundi. I posted the video of this part of her trip and her interview afterward. The Grand Duchess was very visibly moved by the plight of the prisoners. Many of the prisoners are young people and children. Some of the persons were imprisoned on minor charges or charges that were believed to have been false. The condition of the prison was deplorable.

The Grand Duchess had made a personal request to the President of Burundi and to the international community to draw attention to the horrible conditions of the prison particularly where the children were concerned. She had continued her involvement in the call for release and rehabilitation of these individuals.

The President of Burundi has pardoned thousands of prisoners who were being held in these conditions. The Grand Duchess is grateful for this action. 

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