Sunday, October 9, 2011

Meeting One's Civic Duties

Today was local election day in the Grand Duchy and Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, Prince Félix, Prince Louis and Princess Tessy were at hand to meet one of their civic duties publicly. While Guillaume and Félix apparently were at a polling station in Luxembourg City, Louis and Tessy definetely cast their vote at the Cultural Center in Colmar-Berg.

Tageblatt has another picture of Tessy and Louis arriving at the polling station. A couple more pictures are available in this gallery by Tageblatt. A few seconds living pictures can be found in RTL's Journal starting at about 0:34.

Source: Wort


  1. So members of the Luxemburg royal family vote? In most countries the ruling royal family does not use their right, as it would damage the impartial image of the head of state.

  2. I'm not sure whether the Grand Duke himself (being the head of state) votes but the rest of the family does... There are pictures from a few years back when GD Jean (after his abdiction), Princess Margaretha, Princess Marie-Astrid, Prince Guillaume and various other members of the family went to the polling station. Citizens of Luxembourg are required to vote; this includes the members of the Grand Ducal Family. I have to say that I like it the way the GDF does it over non of the voting.