Sunday, October 11, 2009

65 anniversary of freedom and 3 questions commemorated

The Grand Duke in the presence of the Prime Minister and other ministers of government continued the celebrations of Luxembourg's 65 years of freedom from the Nazi regime. There is photo gallery and an article. There should be additional celebrations today and tomorrow.

Particularly, it is being commemorated that 97% of the population of Luxembourg was courageous enough in 1941 to declare themselves Luxembourgish 3 times in response to the questions of nationality, mother tongue, and ethnicity. The German occupiers assumed that Luxembourgers would respond German after their campaign of "Germanification" and thereby incorporate Luxembourg into the Reich. The Nazi regiem clearly underestimated how faithful Luxembourgers are to their nation. After all, the motto is "Mir wëlle bleiwe, wat mir sinn!" Which means "we want to remain such as we are" or "we want to remain what we are" depending on what translation you are reading. 

I am including this youtube video which offers some history of Luxembourg during the war. It's very informative. I found it moving despite that it is only words and music. Additionally, there is more information here at the Battle of the Bulge Museum website.

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