Friday, November 13, 2009

Revue Article

The article of Revue is now available online for your reading pleasure. It is in German if you prefer English I offer google's ghetto translated version to you.

I already pointed out the errors of their offerings. In case you missed those I shall point out a few more.

Princess Beatrice, they say, is a good choice because their mother's are both commoners who struggle with their weight. What Revue fails to point out is that The Grand Duchess is an educated women of class. I would not put Sarah, Duchess of York and The Grand Duchess of Luxembourg in the same category - sorry British readers. Sarah literally tossed the typewriter out the window at secretarial school and Maria-Teresa completed her education at The University of Geneva. Oh yes, "The Queen" will attend the wedding...sure that's a great qualification for Guillaume's future wife. I'm sure it'll be a successful union based on that fact alone. :(  Poor Guillaume, can't we all hope he finds happiness not merely glittering guests for his wedding.

Paris Hilton is a good business woman? She doesn't actually run these businesses, you know. She is the image and press for these businesses which are associated with her name and face. Sure she may own part of them but she's not actually running them. Does it make you a good business woman to be willing to do anything (no matter how shameless) to make money? She's actually been in a club at the same time as Felix and no one was impressed by her - no names mentioned here either Revue. They missed the episode of E! where it was discussed that Paris allegedly requires a daily dose of Valtrex. Let's not wish that on Guillaume not for all the hair extensions and spray tans in the world. Guillaume if you ever read this and later run into Paris take my advice - run in the other direction as fast as you can. Paris Hilton is no Grace Kelly.

I didn't see any real reasons for Princess Elisabeth other than her mother has returned to the catholic faith and that she has partied in Luxembourg (really who hasn't). If those are the only two requirements for future Grand Duchess I'm happy to send my resume on over to the GDP. I actually like Princess Elisabeth, btw. She's got a little sparkle (and I don't mean "bling") to her and I dig it. They didn't mention any of the really good qualities like she's educated, has a real job, has access to more jewels than Paris Hilton could dream of and she's independent and multilingual.

Princess Madeline is engaged to be married. She's sporting a ice skating rink on her finger. Revue refers to Jonas as a "cheap copy of Orlando Bloom." I agree he certainly doesn't compare to the fantastically man-tastic Guillaume but that's a little much. She would have been a good match but the ship has sailed, as the saying goes.

I really appreciate that Revue mentions that in addition to being future Grand Duchess you get a nice polite well bread man. Isn't Guillaume the real prize here not the title? I'm glad they mentioned  that he is a pretty good catch even without the whole Grand Duchess thing.

I apologize if I was a little too blunt for some readers. I simply expected something more serious from Revue.


  1. Of those featured in the article Princess Elisabeth and Charlotte Casiraghi are the only two I would see as remotely possible; being the right age, religion, background and no major scandals associated with them. Princess Madeleine is taken, Princess Beatrice is an "of York" and all of their antics have put me off of them. As for miss Hilton -horrific and not worthy of the slightest consideration, I have to believe she was included simply to sell papers.

  2. Now if we could only get a serious article with some real contenders.

    Pallas Athina

  3. You know, German isn't my native language and I often miss the humor while reading in German. I think some of it was written humorously. At least, I hope.