Sunday, June 23, 2019

Tiara Galore and Dashing Gentlemen: National Day Gala

All photos: Sophie Margue / Cour grand-ducale
Today is Luxembourg's National Day and, saving the best for last, the Grand Ducal Family rounded off the day with the traditional gala events a.k.a. the only sure time of the year we get to see the grand ducal ladies in tiaras - and today was no different. Everyone who attended the day's events minus Prince Félix, who probably had to head back to wife and kids, was present for the evening event as well.
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa sported one of her go-to tiaras, the Belgian Scroll Tiara, together with pearl earrings that we believe date back to the days of Grand Duchess Adelheid-Marie.
Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie adorned her red gown with the Nassau Floral Tiara and one of the Nassau Rose Brooches as well as some mystery ruby earrings she previously sported in Cannes. Fun fact: I believe this is actually a tiara premiere for the Hereditary Grand Duchess. If my memory serves me right, she has not worn this tiara before.
Princess Alexandra topped of her dress that is older than this lovely lady herself (well, part of it at least) with the Turquoise Tiara, necklace and earrings as well as a major diamond ring.
Of course the gentlemen of the Grand Ducal Family also were their dashing selves this evening. While Grand Duke Henri, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Prince Sébastien sported their military uniforms, Prince Louis was in white tie.
Among the invitees for tonight's gala were members of the government, the bureau of the Chamber of Deputies, the Council of State, representatives of the judiciary, heads of the administration and foreign ambassadors - and they all looked to have a jolly good time!

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