Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Rose by Any Other Name...*

... would indeed smell as sweet, but as with all things, sometimes it's all in the name! On Tuesday, June 15th, the regal Princess Sibilla was honored with what surely will be a new addition to her own flower garden, the "Princesse Sibilla de Luxembourg" rose at the 58th annual International Rose Competition in Baden-Baden, Germany. The lovely flower is displayed here being christened by its equally lovely namesake at the competition which featured 105 roses from 13 countries in contention to win the "Golden Rose of Baden-Baden" prize. The new "Princess Sibilla de Luxembourg" rose has won gold medals at competitions in Baden-Baden (the most prestigious), Monza and Rome.

Luxembourg's lovely Princess Sibilla and her husband Prince Guillaume were accompanied by The Hereditary Prince and Princess of Baden. Princess Stephanie of Baden was also on smell the roses.

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