Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lithuanian Visit...*

The President of Lithuania is in Luxembourg for a one day official visit. The President will meet with The Grand-Ducal Couple, Premier Minister Jean-Claude Juncker and Laurent Mosar (President of the Chamber of Deputies).

A special focus of the visit will be Luxembourg's investment in the renewable energy sector. EU member states are pledged to increase their use of renewable energy to 10 percent of their total energy consumption. Because it is not possible for Luxembourg to produce this much renewable energy The Grand Duchy is allowed to meet part of the commitment by investing in other EU states. Lithuania could (would like to) benefit from this foreign investment.

The President said, "Luxembourg, being one of the founders and oldest member states of the European Communities, makes a perfect example of European integration, unity and solidarity. Lithuania could greatly benefit from Luxembourg's European experience, also its experience in promoting business-friendly environment and developing its financial sector, fostering investment in renewable energies and shaping Europe's monetary policy." Luxembourg is certainly a good example in these respects. Hopefully Lithuania can create bilateral ties with The Grand Duchy that will be mutually beneficial.

Wort has a gallery of photographs. They also carry a small article that mentions the visit. The official website carries a few new photographs of the event.

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