Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Out and About...

The Grand Ducal Couple attended the opening of the new train station in Belval. The innovative new station is set to become the second largest in the nation. More than 32,000 daily passengers are expected to pass through the station.

I'm exactly sure what Maria Teresa was thinking when she put this outfit together. The hat and the large wool thanks. I love my grand duchess but this just isn't a good look. Madam, please fire your stylist...or hire one. You're beautiful and you rock but lately I find myself thinking that some changes in your wardrobe would just take your loveliness to the next level. Constructive criticism...don't be offended you're still the best. :) The Grand Duke is always polished and attractive (men's fashion is so easy).

Our favorite heir attended the 100th anniversary of Siemens Luxembourg. Guillaume was all smiles as he greeted the Siemens heiress and sliced the very large cake. Speaking of what large hands you have, Sir.

I feel like its been years since Guillaume last appeared.

Maria Teresa looked elegant as she attended the exhibit "Fatal Footprint" at Place Clairefontaine. The exhibit was organized by Handicap International. The photographs displayed the human tragedy of landlines in Columbia, Laos and Cambodia.

On Monday, The Grand Duke attended a concert in Luxembourg. I seem to have misplaced the link for the blogger that described this event.

The Grand Ducal Couple hosted the presidents of Caritas International and Caritas Luxembourg. Wort carried an article on social commitment in Luxembourg.

The Grand Duke will have a private meeting with a group of Korean War Veterans on 5 October.

Point de Vue has a nice article on Maria Teresa's emeralds. Technically they're Henri's emeralds but I don't think he wears them. ;) You can view the issue on youkioske. You'll find the emerald article on page 36. If you care to look at the rest of the issue you'll find many other royal related articles. Notably, on page 64 there is a bit about Henri. On page 74 there is a pictorial spread on a party at Chateau de Beloeil. My favorite princess was in attendance. She was accompanied by her husband, Archduke Carl-Christian. Archduchess Marie-Christine and Count Rodolphe looked fresh and in love. Naturally, at any Beloeil event we get to see the Ligne cousins.

I apologize for the recent delay in updating. It is the beginning of a new semester. I'm always, always overwhelmed in the first 2 weeks of classes.

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