Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Business of Social Business*

Yesterday, The Grand Duchess was scheduled to attend a Social Business workshop at the University of Luxembourg. The university and the Grameen Creative Lab organized the workshop with the support of BGL BNP Paribas and the Assessment Development Training Center (ADT). The purpose the the event is to promote Social Business activities within The Grand Duchy, in connection with the European Year of Volunteering. This is the first of many Social Business events scheduled to be held in Luxembourg this year.

Additional objectives of the workshop included developing ways to implement Social Business in Luxembourg. Participants discussed methods and standards of international Social Business.  They also sought to define the relationship of organizations with shared goals. The workshop was a valuable networking event for NGOs, businesses, and public agencies.

The Grameen Creative Lab and Professor Mohammad Yunus, the founder of micro-credit and micro-finance, are harbingers of this new world of business. In 1998, as part of her work with UNESCO, The Grand Duchess traveled to Bangladesh. There she met Professor Yunus. Three years before he received the Nobel Peace Prize, The Grand Duchess stated that she felt he should be nominated and would surely win. Many meetings have followed since 1998. The Professor visited Luxembourg twice last year. Since 1998 The Grand Duchess' activities in the fields of microfinance and Social Business (before it had a name) have steadily increased. The Professor and The Grand Duchess are good influences. The Hereditary Grand Duke has developed a keen interest in Social Business. Maria Teresa and Guillaume have offered to host the 2012 Global Social Business Summit.

The Cour Grand-Ducale has included several pictures of the event on their website

Source: The Grameen Creative Lab

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  1. Great to see the involvment of The The Grand Duchess of Luxembourg in the area of microfinance.