Sunday, March 4, 2012

Official Liechtenstein Visit to Luxembourg

In 1985 five members of the European Economic Community signed the Schengen Agreement abord the M.S. Princesse Marie-Astrid near the tiny village of Schengen in Luxembourg. Twenty-seven years forward, 26 states have signed the treaty and you can go from Lisbon to Warsaw or from the North Cape to Sicily without showing your passport once, as all the borders controls have been removed. The Schengen area's newest member is the small principality of Liechtenstein.

To celebrate the occassion, a plaque was unveiled in Schengen yesterday afternoon and who better to send than Liechtenstein's very own Luxembourgish Princess, Grand Duke Henri's sister, Margaretha and her husband Prince Nikolaus, who is the brother of Prince Hans-Adam II.
The two were welcomed by the mayor of Schengen Ben Homan, culture secretary Octavie Modert and employment minister Nicolas Schmit. After the unveiling of the plaque with the name of Liechtenstein on it, Princess Margaretha and Prince Nikolaus visited the Schengen Castle as well as the European Museum. Naturally, they also used the time in the Grand Duchy to meet with their family.

For a gallery of visuals have a look at Wort, who also have an article about the visit.

In (not entirely) unrelated news, venture over to the fabulous Royalement Blog to see pictures of the lovely Princess Margaretha as well as her family and guests from abroad to celebrate the silver wedding anniversary of Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte and Grand Duke Jean in 1978.

Source: Wort

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