Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Reading and Welcome Additions

As most of our attentive readers have probably already noticed, the activity of the blog has already calmed down considerably since the beginning of this month due to a lack of official appearances of members of the Grand Ducal and Princely Families. (Thank goodness for that because June was one of our most busy months ever with more than 60 posts!) Experience has taught us that the pace won't pick up again until sometime at the end of August to mid-September. 

So to bridge this summer low, we have come up with a reading list for you. You don't need to worry though as there is no need to buy piles of books and there certainly won't be any exams to test your knowledge afterwards. Instead, during the last weeks and months, we, your usual bloggers at Luxarazzi plus a few new additions to the team, have been researching and writing posts on a variety of topics, which we will publish in the weeks to come.

Some of the topics will be additions to our already existing Luxarazzi 101 categories, others will introduce new categories. In the months to come, we will be talking about historical members of the Grand Ducal Family and trace their (still existent) Nassau roots, learn about more family bling as well as the stunning properties of the Princely Family both at home and abroad. In addition, we might surprise you with posts on a number of other topics. If there is anything you are especially interested in, you drop us a line via e-mail or the other 15 ways to contact us.

As already mentioned, there have been new additions to our blogging team which we would like to warmly welcome and thank for their already written and upcoming contributions! Villmols Merci, you are awesome!

So make sure to regularly check our blog in the weeks and months to come, in order to learn more about the Grand Ducal and Princely Families, both past and present. Here's hoping that you'll enjoy the post as much as we had researching and writing them. Seriously, we learned so much about the families in the process... 

Did you know that Prince Felix - Grand Duchess Charlotte's husband that is - once saved the life of Blessed Emperor Karl? Or that the Charlotte and Felix might have never married if the plans of her marrying the last Crown Prince of Saxony had went through? More about that and much more in due time. 

Until then yours truly, 
the team of Luxarazzi.


  1. Looking forward to all the information!!! I would like to know why when The Hereditary Grand Duke married all his brothers disappear. I miss the whole family together.

  2. They haven't disappeared yet. It has been a rather rare occasion in the last ten years or so that all of Henri and Maria Teresa's children attended the national day and octave festivities. They come when they feel like it and their schedule allows it. I remember years when only one of their children showed up long before Guillaume tied the knot. In addition, apart from Guillaume, only Felix ever really had official duties every once in a while. Alexandra sometimes accompanies her mother, Guillaume (when he was still single) or Felix.

    I would love to see them more too but that's just the way that Luxembourg works. I expect them to fade away when Guillaume and Stephanie have their own children and they come of age though, much like it (sadly) happened to the Grand Duke's siblings. They often attend bigger events but are usually not mentioned by the cour. Besides that, they all work for a living. Luxembourg doesn't need a large family; the head of state and his spouse plus the heir and his spouse being fulltime royals are enough.

  3. Thank you very much for your answer. Now I understand. At least we will see them all together at Felix's weeding.

  4. That we can be sure of. If we are lucky, they'll also release a picture from the family holiday in Cabasson.