Friday, February 15, 2019

Weekly Roundup: Birthday Photos, Interviews, Diplomas, and More

February 2nd to February 15th

Or in this case, biweekly roundup, as we're combining this week with last week.

Archduke Carl Christian gave an interview discussing World War I and his grandparents Emperor Charles (Karl) I and Empress Zita. 

Photo: Stadt Feldkirch /
Hereditary Prince Alois honored the 300-year anniversary of the Principality of Liechtenstein with an audience at Schloss Vaduz. In attendance were administrators from Feldkirch, Austria, including the Mayor Wilfried Berchtold and Feldkirch city councillors. The Hereditary Prince Mayor Berchtold highlighted the close historical ties between Feldkirch and the Principality.

On February 7th, Hereditary Prince Alois received ambassadors for the presentation of credentials. These included: Luis María Kreckler of the Argentine Republic (pictured above), Erik Førner of the Kingdom of Norway, Klaus Schweinsberg of the Sovereign Order of Malta, Andrea Bekić of the Republic of Croatia, and Elena Rafti of the Republic of Cyprus.

Photo: © Cour grand-ducale / Claude Piscitelli
On February 10th, Prince Félix attended the presentation of diplomasDiplômes de Maîtrise and Diplômes de la Promotion du Travail for 2018. This event saw the awarding of 103 Diplômes de Maîtrise and 133 Diplômes de la Promotion du Travail.

Photo: Nills Volmar / Volksblatt /
On February 11th, Hereditary Prince Alois received at Schloss Vaduz the former Minister of Justice of the Republic of Austria, Wolfgang Brandstetter, who was awarded the Grand Cross of the Princely Order of Liechtenstein.

On the 14th, Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa released a statement offering their condolences for the deaths of two Luxembourg Army officers.

Photo: Andreas Tischler / Vaterland /
On the 15th, members of the Princely family were in Vienna to attend the opening of the exhibit "Rubens to Makart" at the Albertina. The exhibit also marks another event to honor the 300-year anniversary of the Principality with the artworks deriving from the Princely collection.

Photo: ©Cour grand-ducale / Lola Velasco

Photo: ©Cour grand-ducale / Carole Bellaïche
To honor the birthdays of Princess Alexandra (the 16th) and Hereditary Grand Duchess (the 18th), the Cour has released new photos.

Photo: Daniel Schwendener / Vaterland /
And to wrap things up the birthdays, Prince Hans-Adam has given an interview on the occasion of his 74th birthday. He talks aging, politics, and stepping back from controversial issues, among other things.

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