Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Biographical Updates

The Cour Grand Ducale has updated parts of the official biographical information provided about members of the Grand Ducal Family. The updates include a general reorganizing of the layout of information provided in the sections dedicated to certain individuals.

It is wonderful to note that Princess Tessy now occupies several more lines in Louis' section! Her own section would still be the better, but, I can't complain, too, much about this development! While it isn't news to any of my fellow Luxaholics, it is super stellar to finally see an official mention that Princess Tessy is undertaking a university education!! The updates also include confirmation of the family's move to England and two mentions of hobbies that the Princess enjoys. Finally some much needed kudos for Princess Tessy!!! You will also find several lovely newish pictures of Prince Louis' family in the photos section attached to his bio. The section includes several other little tidbits of new info about Louis.

We are now informed that the Princess Alexandra has given her patronage to Lëtzebuerger Déiereschutzliga. According to the organization's website Princess Alexandra has been their patroness since 2008.

The Hereditary Grand Duke's section has also been updated to make a note of his interest and dedication to Social Business. It also echos our thoughts in stating that he began working full time in his role as Hereditary Grand Duke in 2009, following his university graduation.

I did  note some unusual 
inconsistencies related to names and titles. Alexandra and Felix have their full names  punctuated with many commas. Princess Alexandra is listed as a Princess of Luxembourg, Nassau and Bourbon-Parme. Louis and Felix are "de Luxembourg" while poor Prince Sebastien is just a prince of nothing.   It would end a lot of discussion on various forums if the usage of titles was consistent and thorough. All of the children of Henri are Prince(sse) de Luxembourg, Prince(sse) de Nassau and Prince(sse) de Bourbon de Parme. If you acknowledge the full title of Alexandra why not do it for her brothers? It is inconsistent and confusing. I also think that adding a section that deals specifically with the special titles held by Guillaume and the stages of his acquirement of each would be interesting. 

I still think Princess Tessy deserves her own section and that Henri's siblings should be mentioned as more than just children listed in Grand Duke Jean's section. The family is very large (one of the largest in Europe) and I will always consider it a loss that so few members are mentioned.

Check out these new updates. The website continues to improve.

Source: Cour Grand Ducale

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