Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Final Finish Line

Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed, it was pretty successful! Part one was partly accomplished while the second part was entirely successful. Today, The Grand Duke Henri was in Paris to congratulate Andy and Fränk Schleck for their second- and third-place finishes in this year's Tour de France. After 3430 kilometres the Schlecks from Mondorf-les-Bains made it safely to the French capital to become the first brothers to stand together on the podium of La Grande Boucle, in its 98th edition.

The always handy RTL has a few videos: in this one you can see, among other things, the victory ceremony; just forward to 24:53 to see the Grand Duke congratulating the cyclists, later in the video (starting at around 54:40) you can see Grand Duke Henri with the Schlecks and their family, especially lovely is the scene when Fränk's little daughter Leea is playing with the Grand Duke's tie. In this video, starting at about 05:40, you can see and hear an interview with him.

Wort has a gallery of pictures of the last day of the Tour de France including some of the Grand Duke, Roland Miny also has a large gallery of photos of the final stage.

Sources: Reuters, Wort

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