Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Grand Duke Jean Visits Driver's Training Center

Grand Duke Jean has visited the Driver's Safety Training Center in Colmar-Berg today. About 15 years ago the then reigning Grand Duke opened the Centre de Formation Pour Conducteurs in his then hometown. Together with minister Claude Wiseler, Grand Duke Jean visited the new and enlarged training rooms as well as an exhibit called "Hall of Consequences" that shows cars that have been involved in accidents.

In the last 15 years about 120.000 drivers have taken courses at the Training Center. It is mandatory for everyone who gets a driver's licence in the Grand Duchy to undergo a course of Driver's Safety Training within two years after their driving test. Last year 32 people died during or in the aftermath of a car accident in Luxembourg. This number is steadily decreasing; in 1970 more than 130 persons died. as well as Wort itself have a few more pictures of the visit.

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