Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Parachute Jumping Prince

While Grand Duke Henri, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume are seemingly enjoying their time at the wedding of the Prince and the Princess of Monaco - more on that later - Prince Felix had quite an adventurous day.

That's right, the guy in red is indeed Prince Felix. But before, he started his visit to the Luxembourgish parachute club Cercle Para Luxembourg by christening a plane named after him - Prënz Félix. Afterwards Felix took the chance to make a parachute jump and was very excited about it, "I'm ready for the next jump. Who comes with me? It was awesome. Everyone should experience this once in their lifetime. It was a great feeling - much better than I ever expected it to be." Curiously enough, Prince Félix was accompanied by the grand ducal chaplain Georges Vuillermoz. Well, I guess some divine assistance doesn't hurt when you jump out of a plane.

Both Wort and Tageblatt have galleries of the visit. Wort also has a pretty cool video of Felix' jump and as you can see in the end he is quite pleased. In case the video on the Wort homepage isn't working for you, it is also available on youtube. Manuel Dias has a large gallery of wonderful photos of Felix' evening with Cercle Para Luxembourg.

Source: Wort


  1. He looked really great. He should never wear his hair all greased back again. These pics and video are evidence of just how handsome he really is. I find his appeal lessened when his hair is all gooed back. 

    Great work, Sydney!