Saturday, May 19, 2012

British Diamond Jubilee Military Parade

Today, the Armed Forces Parade and Muster was held at Windsor Castle to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's diamond jubilee. Some 2.500 soldiers showed off their mad marching skills to Her Majesty, the Duke of Edinburgh, most of the British royal family and various royals from abroad, including Grand Duke Henri and  Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, as well as Prince Louis and Princess Tessy. After the parade a private luncheon was hosted by the Queen's cousin Lady Elizabeth Shakerley.

Most asked Luxembourg-related question of the week: Why were Louis and Tessy there? Frankly, I don't have an answer with any claim to be true.

For those who didn't know already, the prince and the princess and their (not so small anymore) sons live in the British capital where they both attend university. So they surely had one of the shortest journeys to get there of any of the royals present.

Not enough?

Louis' bopa Grand Duke Jean served in the Irish Guards during the Second World War. Luxembourg's former Grand Duke later became a honorary colonel of the regiment of the Irish Guards and often rode behind today's jubilee girl at Trooping the Colour.

Not only Grand Duke Jean was regularly present for the Queen's official birthday celebrations, naturally he was often accompanied by Louis's boma Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte. Louis' great grandparents (there my Luxembourgish knowledge leaves me) Grand Duchess Charlotte and her husband Prince Felix were often in attendance, too. And another Felix as well. Queen Mum is said to have been impressed by the impeccable manners of the young gentleman from the Grand Duchy.

As Louis' older brother accompanied his grandparents for this occasion, it is probably not a far stretch to say that Louis has as well. Thus, the Queen already knows Louis and thought it might be a nice idea to meet him again after so many years.

There. That's my humble attempt at giving an answer.

Pictures of the military parade can be found over at Daylife, APA Picturedesk, WireImage, Belga, Other Images Press  and Getty Images.


  1. I thought Louis and Tessy were living in Florida - but maybe that was last year. London seems to be the place to send royal couples for further schooling (e.g. Haakon and Mette-Marit).

  2. They moved to London a while ago, before they lived in Flordia like you pointed out.