Friday, May 18, 2012

Diamond Jubilee Luncheon and Gala Dinner

Today, Queen Elizabeth II hosted a luncheon at Windsor Castle to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee. Invited were all foreign reigning and non-reigning monarchs and most of them showed up to party with the jubilee girl, among them of course Luxembourg's very own Grand Duke and his lovely wife the Grand Duchess. Grand Duchess Maria Teresa wore the same outfit she wore for last year's national day (in case you hadn't guessed, it's Natan), a special mention goes to her hair which is styled in a beautiful way once again. She has come a long way since last year's minor Nobel Prize gala disaster. I approve, not that it matters anyway.

Pictures are available over at Daylife, Getty Images, Belga, BBC and at various places all over the internet. ITV has a video of the arrival of the guests to the luncheon, as does The Telegraph and BBC says that "there was even a Grand Duke from Luxembourg".

In the evening the Prince of Wales hosted a gala dinner at Buckingham Palace with the very same royals in attendance. This time the Grand Duchess opted for another stunning Elie Saab gown, she should just wear his designs every time she steps out of the palais or the château. Every time she wears Saab, she rocks it like this light blue number. Oh, and please pass your love on to your daughter, your daughter-in-law and your future daughter-in-law, Madame. Much obliged. Not much to say about the gentleman at her side, as always the Grand Duke was his dashing self.

Pictures of the event at Buckingham Palace can be found over at Getty Images, Daylife, AP Images, and APA Picturedesk.

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