Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dogs, Princes and More

I love the time around Luxembourg's National Day because it's always full of surprises like the photocalls at Berg or the Parc Merveilleux last year, or Prince Sebastien and Princess Alexandra being present for official events that are not the Octave or the National Day itself. This year is no exception; Prince Louis recently opened a museum and the future Hereditary Grand Duchess was attended the garden parties held after the National Day. But that's not all, the cour had another card up their sleeve.

Today, the Luxembourgish Red Cross, whose patron the Grand Duchess is, paid a visit to the Château de Berg to let their rescue dog squad show off their skills and the grand ducal family came out in (almost) full force to see how good the dogs are.

Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and his fiancée Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy, Prince Félix looking slightly lost between all those couples (next time, just give me a call), as well as Prince Louis, Princess Tessy and their adorable two sons Gabriel and Noah ventured out of the castle. Gabriel and Noah were even allowed to play 'victims' by hiding in the large gardens of Berg and the dogs had to search for them.

Pictures of the adventures in the gardens of the home of the grand ducal family, can be found over at Tageblatt, Wort and RTL, while videos are available at RTL (starting 22:41) and Wort.

Source: Wort


  1. Yay! more stephanie!! ;)
    It seems like Guillaume can't keep his hands off her. They are lovely together...

    1. I wonder if the Court knows about all the grumbling and disappointment when Stephanie didn't appear for National Day, so they quickly featured her in back to back events over the next few days? GOOD MOVE...I am falling more and more in love with she and Guillaume as a couple, they are adorable together!

  2. I am sure that Stephanie will be a perfect princess!So cute and lovely!

  3. Stephanie is very pretty and seems very at ease.

    Recent photos....could Tessy be pregnant?